And I could register for a large club & # 39; – the Barcelona and Chelsea target show high aspirations


The opponent for Genoa, Krzysztof Piatek, has revealed that he wants to play in the European League, after a worse start of the season.

The striper from Poland has scored nine goals in 12 Secta A a & # 39; Matching this term, swiftly swiftly into life in one of the high European football campaigns after a summer move away from his own country.

The 23-year-old man has been standing in the Genoa side that is a going to the borders borders in Italy, and # 39; shows its ability to finish with both sides with fast speed and air capability that makes it difficult for protectors to cover the box.

According to Corriere Della Sera, Piatek revealed his ambitions for the future in an interview that was published on Saturday, as he said to the storytellers: "It is the dream of the people who come to Genoa that they use it as a step to a big club.

"If I continue to do this, I can record a large club. My goal is to play in the European League. "

According to the Guardian, the Genoa clan does not cut down potential applicants with the coming-up window in January and Chelsea has taken continue as the man to take the lead ahead of the two unbelievers Alvaro Morata and Olivier Giroud.

piatek genoa

Piatek's latest comments on Blonde chiefs may have been redirected, but they are likely to have strong competitions with regard to their signature from Spanish Barcelona championships, who also have a # 39; monitoring progress in Italy, according to Daily Sport.

At the moment Luis Suarez plays the number of La Liga warriors one center but at 31-year-old he can not expect that responsibility to go to her. club forever, which means that a & # 39; Poland is an incredible person to fill his shoes in the future Post-

Morata and Giroud have been very inconsistent for the Blues and so the team has become increasingly dependent on the brother of Eden Hazard in the third headteacher, who is making use of Barca, since Ernesto Valverde's men are similar to Lionel Messi and Phillipe Coutinho to deliver the goods if Suarez is feeling.

This story could come forward quickly in the new year, especially now that Piatek has shown his hand and pretends that he hopes to play at the highest rate faster than later.

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