And Mateus Uribe is replying to Bofo!


Mateus Uribe, midfielder American Clubreplied, he replied Adolfo Bautista Upon their arrival in Mexico, they've been involved in your choices on the FIFA day. t

Baptist, who sent to Uribe as a "petardo" and also confirmed that "Mexico would kill hunger"., a riot began to restart before the two Classics started by Amrica and Chivas this month, in Liga MX and Copa MX. t

“I don't take care of that, I'm only fighting for my club, for the team that I am wearing and I've never told lies”, he said. T media access to Mexico City International Airport.

Matheus stated that Chivas were not a recognized team outside the national landscape. From there, the "Bofo" in war with statements made in Oribe Peralta, changed from the Coapa team.

Uribe was opposed to the FIFA Date with Colombia and was a captain in the game in which the team fell "Cafetera" to South Korea 2-1.


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