And now? 250 scientists from over 40 countries warn of "wireless" radiation.


(ANSA) – A group of 250 scientists from more than 40 countries he has raised concerns about the carcinogenic effects of offshore wireless devices.

These include Apple AirPod headsets, which may be carrying a cancer risk to people using them. The group of experts, according to newspaper reports, signed a petition to the UN and the World Health Organization (WHO), warning of devices that will spread radiofrequencies. T to use in Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth data. They also warn that Apple's wireless telephones, which are located in the ear canal, are detecting sensitive bats to dangerous radiation levels.

The AirPod, which sold Apple 28 million copies in 2018 and 16 million in 2017, is connecting via Bluetooth, short radio communications technology. The WHO has developed guidelines for electromagnetic frequency (EMF) levels to which the various devices are licensed to bring users into practice.

But the authors of the petition confirm that the survey showed that the EMF can also be carcinogenic at lower levels. "If it doesn't intervene, WHO cannot play its role as an organization for international public health," they wrote.

While there is no evidence of the potential risks to electromagnetic radiation at current levels of transmission, the experts who signed the petition want further tests before new technology of higher frequency is introduced as a lifelong 5G in the new society.

They will also be asking the DA to take control of a possible global health problem, repeating that current rules give rise to a danger.

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