And now CTT? Spanish journalists are hosting in Portuguese


The state-owned company, Correos, is named to start a process of internationalism and aims to enter the financial services market. As a strategy, in this first phase of internationalism, its & # 39; company in Portugal and Southeast Asia also aims to.

Is Correos a major prize for Portugal CTT?

Correos, which is 100% of the Spanish state, owned by the State, wants its service to be available in other countries and Portugal is the first country in which it will be available. company to set. Correos promises to deliver orders throughout the Iberia Point within 24 hours.

Recalling that Correos closed 2018 with losses to be about 150 million to and the strategy will be going to return to profits through internationalization.

In statements to the Spanish CincoD√≠as newspaper, Correos president Juan Manuel Serrano from Correos said …

At this time, Correos operates only in national borders and for our situation we need to overcome supplies. We need to grow internationally. and south-east Asia is its original main point for worldwide orders, with a measure growing

It is a state-owned company in Correos and is not currently in the finance department as it is with CTT. However, the Spanish company wants such a situation.

And now CTT?

With a 90% share in the letters, the CTT, through its President Francisco Lacerda, is aware that this sector is totally falling and, in this sense, there is a riot in able to & # 39; increase the quotas in the orders market.

The CTT service is on Amazon in Spain, but not in Portugal, which is one day, according to the CTT President last year.

ITT work is not at the rank of orders only in Spain, through its Tourline Express company. At this time, orders have been reached for the Portuguese by Spanish travelers, as the case of Seur. The CTT plans to cut a total of 800 jobs by 2020, however, for now the total value of staff is 12 miles.

CTT has created some interesting partners, as happened by AliExpress and Sonae.

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