And the struggle is heavy ': founders of SG Bike will predict a clear future for sharing bicycles


SINGAPORE: The three members of the organization currently operating at the local level of SG Bike had different ideas about the future before they started.

Leading technology officer David Lim, economics graduate of London University College, wanted to be a bank banker. The director of marketing Benjamin Benjamin started a job in a public relationship, and Sean Tay wanted a founder and chief operating officer to become a nuclear scientist.

In a recent interview with Channel NewsAsia, it was felt that they were not regretful of the decision to start the company, although many viewers are aware that the box-sharing industry is in Singapore at this time.

Since launching a bike share in Singapore in 2016, it has been a long-awaited turnout for the three biggest naval companies – oBike, Ofo and Mobike.

o he decided to give most of his free consent.

Ofo's license was suspended due to the company's queries on the introduction of a QR code system.

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SG Bike could be the industry's last platform. If Ofo fails to return its license and Mobike permit is allowed to leave the Singapore market, SG Bike is the only company left with a full operating license.

And the three founding members, who were fellow secondary school students, hoped the final will turn when the Singapore government develops the cycling infrastructure.

Mr Lim, who had an interest in cycling bicycles encouraged by bicycle docking stations during his university days in London, they accepted the group was in a live mode. But if the company knows this “transition time”, it will get the benefits.

He said: "In future, the park connection network will be extended, and mobility devices in Singapore will have more pushing. Cycle bikes are the main means of public transport, and we expect it to be an option. T Finally.

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“We always look to Europe but think that Singapore has a vision for cycling in the same way. The problem is temporary, it is painful, but the main thing here is to believe, ”he said.

Over the last two years, Ofo, Mobike and oBike are on their fleet in Singapore, but the SG Bike fleet has gone up from 200 to 3,000. Mr Oh also confirmed the steady increase in the number of users.

Mr Tay told Ofo's million times a month to Singapore, and this showed an interest in cycling as a real transport option.

The founder of the begining company learned to work in the world of learning, the ropes of bicycle maintenance and running a bicycle business while they were learning crossing the school holidays at the business of a father's cycle park in East Park.

And he showed an interest in bicycle sharing when he saw how the business had grown through a trip to Shanghai three years ago. After that, he sent for Mr Lim and Mr Oh to get involved with SG Bike.


How SG Bike can survive in the hope that the big Chinese-based companies were failing, Mr Lim said the main difference was – like a financial gain – of up to £ 39,000. if their company were to manage it.

“So financial hardship is one of the most important skills that a team has to achieve and how we agree to keep it. In today's context, many companies get campaign money, get some of the market and aim to be a director as soon as possible, "he said. T

“But the thing they don't understand is that the swaps are thin sides. When you increase their distribution by many bikes, it will cost the operating cost (you). We will only expand when our capital – without the capital loan to expand. ”

SG bicycle basket

SG Bikes ensure that their bikes are good on food and that some have seating for toddlers. (Image: Amir Yusof)

Mr Tay also said the senior management team for the Singapore citizens is helping SG Bike to look at the problem of an unlimited parking that shared bike share and continued to the Land Transport Authority (LTA). steps to ensure cycles are left at special parking zones.

"It was culture and behavior. I knew that the Singapore Government would not be able to work together (unqualified parking), we know how Singaporeans work. We want a clean, green home. T Tay.


While the Singapore Government did not include parking areas but in September 2018, SG Bike introduced its own equipment when it started in 2017.

The competitors allowed users to park at any point they wanted, but SG Bike installed a geo-station system in his fleet at Bukit Panjang and East Coast Park which would make his t S $ 1 unless parked in special zones.

SG Bike created a RFID tool, which is removing signal, and sent it to parking zones. Each bike has a signal receiver. If a bike is parked outside the RFID area, its user will be fined.

Mr Oh said it was easy to get a bad reception in the beginning.

"At the beginning it was not that good. We are the first company and company that fined consumers if they were parking without a stop," he said.

The company even had to paint yellow boxes to apply to zone parks, negotiating with land owners in these public places, including town councils, NParks. T and PUB, for permission.

Across their working area the BiFke team managed to explain 2,000 car parks.

A year later, LTA followed the idea of ​​a large island as they introduced new legislation which required users to park on zones and obtain consent from QR codes. after they have lock their bikes. t


Mr Tay recognized that customers here were involved in the event, but that the system would work if a LTA provided enough parking across the country.

"This is the same point for bus stops. You don't want your buses to stop every time. If it is moving, it can be sad but this whole thing is hanging down. "There are many yellow boxes that contain enough," said Mr. Tea.

Like many bicycle companies, SG Bike saw "a huge number of users" going after the enactment of parking legislation QR-code LTA in January 2019.

"We've suffered a dip, but we are confident this is temporary. It's important time to get better," Mr Tay said.

Parking QR code for shared bikes 1

An QR code was inserted at a designated parking lot for shared bikes in Singapore.

"To improve behavior from the user by asking them to scan and park the QR score on zones, that really requires. We hope that users will see the mode of sharing; It's time to change your bike and forget about the time I went. "

Mr Tay expected the public to be warmly convinced that there would be cycle sharing within a year, and some users have indicated that park zones are a good campaign to stay the city. T it could be closer to t

“If we keep going on this route and every individual user emerging, SG Bike will definitely get out of it. The licensing regime was a good thing. The Government has taken a step forward to change the parking area, ”he said.

Mr Oh noted that the Government has already made efforts to encourage cycling infrastructure by developing the Park Connect Network and identifying dedicated cycle routes in some communities such as Bedok.

Bedok cycle route

Bicycle pedals can be recognized in Bedok by the red pillar. (Image: LTA)

“They're already spending a lot of time to put money into this. There are thousands of yellow boxes in Singapore. That is the commitment the Government is making. They are serious about the industry, 'he said.

And Mr Tay is convinced that services like scooters and bicycle sharing are here to stay because the government wants to use in Singapore.

"The Government wants people to pass their cars, to go to the pile, and so the shared economy for bikes and scooters t [is] he's going to get more and more, ”he said.

'Then companies have to join up with our guns and we hope our efforts will be rewarded.'

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