Andre Russell will take hold of the raffle


Losing your chance against Andre Russell, and pays for it, as Ravichandran Ashwin and Kings XI Punjab learned the hard way in the game at the Indian Premier League. Kolkata Knight Riders.

Russell was the player for the second game in a series, after 48 members of 17 bars on Wednesday, 27 March, he raised Kolkata to 218/4 – the highest IPL number at Eden Gardens. This followed up by giving two wickets as the home team had won 28 results.

Jamaican's key knowledge is that it is important to go out with a “clear head”. His routine course is ahead of battles, where he runs in hitting the bat to "get the body warm, get his adrenaline bark" promotes him to move from the ball member. t But it sometimes gets a little fortune.

In the 17th century, when Russell was still new at the clay, Mohammed Shami came out with a plan to bowl his bowl down the plane. One of them, just the fifth Russell Russell, did the whole task, squatting his cloth. However, the member did not rule as a member, because Punjab had only three fieldworkers within the circle, rather than the four that the rules were requesting.

A, who was 3 years later, made up the majority of the life he was given, bludgeoning 21 ran the next day and finished with five six.

These things don't happen every day. Once you have the opportunity to practice, you have to be better off.

Andre Russell

"Thank you to those people who were outside the ring," Russell said that the show was after a game. "Thank you! When I went down to it, I thought I lost out, but I saw the people who dug out that I had a ball and I was, like he was, [let it be a no-ball].

"I didn't have that from that. Not all of these things happen every day. When you get the chance to go, you have to be better off."

"We didn't focus on the tiny things, and the little things will cost you," said Ashwin, blaming the blame. “I should have looked at it. At that stage, with the way forward, you expect fields to continue, but it is clear that the fields will keep pace. [the fielder] who was a opponent. "

Andre Russell fulfilled all the time, struggling with Chris Gayle - AFP

Andre Russell fulfilled all the time, struggling with Chris Gayle – AFP

Mike Hesson, a Punjab coach, agreed that this was the time the game changed. “We had a plan for Russell, which we did well. But we were not as knowledgeable on the field and the game changed, "he said at the press conference." We had a little mummy when we got things right, then things changed to soon. "

This also meant that Russell, in the battle of the Jamaicans on the day, was coming out on the spot, against Chris Gayle. The something that was all clear for Gayle, in fifth, was just what happened.

“Gayle is my brother,” he said. “Legend – and to take it out early in the first six” t [was important] – we know what he can do. The plan was to be limited as far as possible … Today, I met some big people, but it still escapes. "

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