Andrew Gillum is licensed in a race for the ruler of Ron DeSantis


Democrat advocate, Andrew Gillum, said for the second time, the Florida governor's regime for the Ron DeSantis Republican Saturday, three days after a state-of-state state-of-the-art tool that DeSantis was in the best interests and as controversial reports in the pull of two other state races.

"We said we would fight until the last vote is counted," said Gillum with his wife R. Jai in a live video on Saturday afternoon Facebook. "Now that we're going to get that process, R. Jai was and I wanted to take some time to congratulate Mr DeSantis as a re-governor of the great state of Florida. "

Gillum had promised the Election Day to DeSantis when he revealed that the old Republican conferences were won by a narrow edge, if it was inevitable. But thereafter being more restricted in the days after half-a-half half, and a statewide state-of-the-art machine was encouraged, Gillum kept a short news conference last weekend, He left the discount and asked counties "counting all votes."

Gill participated in a number of initiatives, much acres in churches, to support the attempt to report, since legal careers were largely concerned about the United Nations race. fight over dates for the statements and some of the counties – including Palm Beach and Broward – trying to meet with dates to submit a polling number in time.

But by Thursday 3 p.m. Date, when the outputs of statewide reporting machine were missing, DeSantis still had enough space to do & # 39; Avoiding other handwriting documentaries, in particular to ensure its status as ruler.

DeSantis reported to today's reporters, replacing anthorously. "I have been upgraded with your support and the great respect that Florida people have shown me as I am preparing for your next regulator," he said the statement, asking Gillum to "join me in the days ahead in a conversation about the future of our state. "

But Gillum only issued a short statement saying, "It's not now until a vote is thrown legally on counting."

A & # 39; the potential for Gillum to be able to address the results by a trial by the end of the month, but Gillum revealed that he would give anything else from his campaign in the comments on Saturday.

"We wanted to ensure that all voting – including those that continued, had a bad impact, as long as he was to vote legally – we wanted those votes to be counted, "he said, saying they" now have to fill out that process. "

After Gillum's tension, DeSantis tweeted: "This was a hard drive. Now, Florida is time to bring together."

A few hours ago Gillum, President Donald Trump, who had been criticizing her & her; Tallahassee minister, her congratulations has been on her face. runs a hard and competitive race for the Governor of Great State of Florida. He will be a long, democratic strong warrior in the future – force to control! "

Gillum gave a brief indication of his plans in the future after his minister's end, though – by going to his / her. looking at the issues that were growing up again – He asked the state's election system to be updated to "insert into the 21st century." On his own way, he said only to "stop it. There will be more to come. The fight for Florida is still going on."

His wife said: "We are still committed to making our community better … This is not the last thing of Andrew and R. Jai Gillum."

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