Andris Leasan: The ether, and is a large size 235337.0795g / mol


By developing information technology, science, art, education; losing its originated, authoritative source. Increasing the social cycle is part of the vital revaluation of cultural heritage.

Everyone's history – science, artwork, architecture, and engineering strategies have not succeeded in the modern society. The public recognizes that it does not have to be relied on in the correct theories that scientists are raising. A critical view of this type – postmodernism (Latin: post-post, modal – just) is a complete 20th century cultural and scientific movement that is marked by objective verbal search by & # 39; re-evaluating its vision, recognizing mental uncertainty. Liturgical advanced media is open to intellectual diversity, it promotes creativity and patience in the community. In this article, the author draws attention to the reader to the most important historical theory, but forgotten in the 19th century.

The two words "ether" and "ether" come from the Greek word "aither". These words have different meaning. In the ancient Greek philosophy, this name was used to increase its current high; one of the original material elements. Today it is an environment where radio waves are distributed, for example, sounds are said to be broadcasting in the air.

It is a (unfortunately forbidden by scientists in the 20th century) that a ether is an environment that lives in a space space and a free place between organizations.

In the last century, king of physics. s. look a mechanical world. It was found that mechanical waves are needed to spread an environment. Therefore, the electromagnetic waves (including light) were considered to have an environment and did not need to; They can spread into the word. This environment, which completes the whole world, is named as an ether. American American Physicist In the early 1881, Michael Michael tried to accelerate Earth's movement in length, and then in 1887, along with E. Morley (also American). If the ground moves in connection with the ether, then by moving it through the ether, a wind wind must be created. Also, when you drive in an open car, there is a wind when the riders move along the air. The test should be to find out if Earth's movement has an orbit around the sun; affecting the speed of light on Earth. As we know, the land travels at or near the orbit at a distance = = 30,000m / s. Michael's interdisciplinary light moved to Earth and the observer at this pace. In this test, the speed of the light was compared to the Earth's movement and rectangle.

After classical speed to count the law different results must be obtained. i. The speed of the light in the direction of Earth movement should be different from the light of the light that is normally measured by that direction. Despite the accuracy of the dimensions, the test results did not yield the expected results. In the test, scientists can not find out how quickly & # 39; speed speed (299,792,458 m / sec) was from the distance of the land (30,000 m / sec).

In the early 19th and 20th centuries, physics were in crisis. In 1905, Einstein created the fundamental principles associated. From special relationship theory checks, it has been decided that the speed of the light in the box is the highest level of distribution of the mark in the vicinity of the ground, t. i. The highest rate of interaction. This is reinforced by measurement of speed of light, radio waves, ray-X and gamma radiation.

Electromagnetic waves in the "space" of the world are distributed at a rate of 299,792,458 m / s, sound wavelengths in the gas (0) C at 0 ° C and at a spread of 1 degree scales about 1284 m / sec. The atom is at 1,00794 g / mol hydrogen. If there is a consensus or a connection between the measurement of the two types of waves of wave, then the atomic and hydrogen numbers are equally balanced, and most Mass Mass (Comparative Mass) and 0.000004249 g / mol. So, the ather ether is approximately 237218,1689, less than hydrogen.

The atom is small, it does not respond to the quantities of physics. It does not appear only in physics exams. Scientists reject the "facts" that will not be confirmed in their exams. But are they always right?

For example, Nikolay Copernicus published the first "Small Recital" ("Commentariolus") for his & # 39; first time in 1511, where he established his basic idea of ​​heliocentrism for the first time, and # 39; Commenting on the concept of Geocentrism Claudia Ptolemy. This work was not published, but its rewritings were distributed to universities as a teaching aid. During the 16th century, Copernicus held a concept of heliocentricism in all the Catholic universities, strongly defended by scientists, but criticized by scientists. The only one who attacked the Copernicus conception was from the religious circumstances of the monk; Augustine Martins Luther, who put the churches forward, said: "This fears want to eliminate the foundations of rhetoric, even as we tell the Scriptures, not on the Earth, but to Sun he stopped. " (Joshua 10: 13 marks). Despite the protection of the Church, The scientific community believed to have not been; A concept of heliocentricism but one of the previously unexpected mental minds that science was not minimal, due to lack of reasoning enough. There were three different concepts in the architecture of the world – Ptolemy, Kepler and Brahr – the evidence base and argument was much stronger than Copernicus's opinion. So he's not theology; The first fine of Copernicus, but a professor of mathematics, was one of the best rhetoric of his time, K. Clavy, author of the Gregorian calendar. In 1581, he criticized the Copernicus system, confirming his loyalty and, therefore, how his numerical account was calculated based on: "Who is so unreasonable to & # 39; connect the Church to such statements without a cause? "

The International Committee of Media and Media Committee concluded that the speed of light in the box was 299,792,458 ± 1.2 m / s. The speed value of the speed of the light changes from time to time, and the last significant change in numbers. She has an explanation: "Space space is filled with ether and, as the atmosphere, moves regularly, there are changes in a fast pace connected to spatial movement space of space. All atoms, Earth , as part of the solar system, galaxy star, everything in the cosmetic area is a ether of different metamorphoses. "

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