Android 9 Pieces will start to & # 39; Get Xiaomi My A2 and LG G7 One


LG-G7 One

In the new working week, the latest version of the Android operating system is slightly wider. Android 9 Pie's upgrade has begun to spread for two smartphones – Xiaomi Mi A2 and LG G7 One.

As you may know, these two devices come from Android One, so they will run under the operating system's network form. The LG G7 One is also the first smart smartphone of LG, which will be updated to 9 Pie.

It has been overstated by the main key browser, which also has a "#; renewed asset proof of Android.

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LG G7 One

If you have one of your own devices, the updates will be reported in the days ahead. For the Xiaomi Mi A2, it has started to expand first in India where it will continue with other European countries. A product pack contains 1 GB.

The LG G7 One will be updated by around 812 MB. Until now, it is spread in Canada, but in the future it also plans to make natural expansion in other parts of the world. There is still a small amount of patience.

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