Android: Malware from Google Play Store will steal crypto-cures


An Android app, which is available on the official Google Play Store, which contains the data from the client's financial transactions to steal a variety of cuts. At the same time, Google has responded and removed the damaging application from the source quickly.

Find the malware with Eset security researchers and was named "Android / Clipper.C". The program will focus on all proprietors of Bitcoin and Ethereum digital crypto-curls. By changing the contents of their boardboard, the malware can re-manage things that the user has made. Instead of entering into a sporan required, the money is received on drag accounts again.
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The tableboard is not safe

This affects the user's comfortable behavior. Most users do not go into the wedding card and # 39; hand-held, even at high sums. In practice, the complex character complexes are largely copied. This uses the usual operating system menu, which is also available for other apps. In order for the firearms to not afford these attacks, you should submit census data for any kind of business or view the copy content again in detail before you do it.

The program found by Eset according to ZDNet, which is currently contained in the information available for the MetaMask desktop system service. The extension of the browser promotes users to use an introduction to crypto ethereum quickly. Trailers could benefit from the fact that MetaMask is still not available for smartphones.

Clipper is detected for Windows operating systems since 2017. Although Android version of the Software appeared in drag forums last summer, MetaMask may have been the first application to be made to the & # 39; Play Store.

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