Android Users with Malware when they download pictures


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Google a warning to the user Android versions 7, 8, 9, tend to suffer draggers when they are; Upload PNG images. Passengers can display PNG-format illustrations that are normal for victims through e-mail, instant messaging or social media.

When the photo is downloaded, the malware will be entered into the Android device.

This happened after them that there was a wound hole that unfortunately gave an unfortunate code through PNG pages for Android devices that use Android Nougat, Oreo, and Pie.

Passengers can submit Android phones or tablets by submitting photos data that are incorrectly encrypted. In the latest security magazine, Google has displayed its & # 39; This unsupported code is hidden in PNG layout files.

This is not the first time security researchers have mentioned that PNG image files can be used to enter malware. Experts say that falconers encrypt Android malware into their images to go to # 39; Try to install anti-malware or anti-virus on pockets. The hidden malicious code in this image can then be read and used by an individual application to deserve the benefits of the victim's mobile phone, as it was written PCMagSouth Westerly

However, according to Google, Android attacks have not yet been reported and using PNG files. So it is estimated that tenants have not taken advantage of the weaknesses of this new Android system.

The worst part, people who are not targeted at & # 39; Find out if their cellphone is included with malware. This attack can be dead without giving a more detailed account of the potentially fatal effects of fatalities. Google does not also provide clear technical information on how to use the file to carry Android.

According to Google, they are at risk of protecting this. However, Android users are still in danger of cutting if they have updated their Android with the latest system published in February.

However, Kathy Wang, Director of Security at GitLab, has said that blackberry carriers have first investigated this problem, by eating Android users in dangerous situations.

"This problem can cause your serious vulnerability," he explained, as stated FortuneSouth Westerly

For this reason, Kathy suggested that Google should confirm customers if there are applications that will update.

"It is very difficult to balance the open-ended, open-looking ecosystem of the assistant in terms of a controlled process that requires an agreement such as Apple iOS."

Although Google has given a pattern for this risk, but Android's operating system that uses third-party ROMs tends to be renewed further. Mass for users of MIUI Xiaomi, or ZenUI Asus. Because operating systems are changed from third parties slower to change the changes in their operating system to Google. (ex / evn)

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