Andropause marks





If a special social contribution continues to prevent menopause from us by taking it completely by nature, as a series of changes that we have, expects and changes … with andropause – the equal process in male form – stigma and compensation is still more marked. (This may happen because, compared to us, the sperm product is not blocked, so there is still a fertility).

Andropause begins to show her at a changing age – about 45 years old – when the chickens start to go, lower levels of testosterone. As with menopause, it is part of the process that is older.

These hormonal changes indicate a decrease in some of the experimental activities that occur. The appearance of some of the marks appears to be similar. Especially physical, but also with mental enzymes: fever growth, weight loss, loss of hair, "hot solution" like those from medical women, burn problems, tiredness, insomnia , irritability, changes in behavior, among others. However, not everyone will know the full list. And more than one will be affected.

But sometimes it is essential to consult with a specialized professional – expert – to evaluate the ability to & # 39; hormone treatment (taking into account the symptoms of the symptoms, the testosterone levels, these dangers mean according to the patient's state of the patient, etc.).

Probably the largest one in relation to lower hormone product can be a focusing on its potential effects on sexual activity: reducing desires – we do not have to forget that testosterone is considered "the hormone of desire" – erectile problems: the practical time need to be able to respond to new sexual stimulation after ejaculation), decrease or not; rising in the morning, a lesser measure of poor treatment, less severe orgasms. Again: these effects do not happen or not together. (And the little blue pill, as is known, has changed the landscape's shape of erectile problems).

On the other hand, the general state of health, customs, pre-existing sexual patterns and even a small life perspective. In this way, we all know men and women who are likely to quickly identify "mums and marriages" (of any kind, not just species). As though, though it is difficult to believe, they found a type of compact range in "old", or at least an understanding of the environment, comfortably.

Fortunately, there are many others that cause a spirit that is capable of being de-drumming and his / her; Welcoming the unstable issues of age. Something that, of course, continues to always be always young, regardless of age.

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