Andy Kusnetzoff, the day after Martín Fierro de Oro – 11/11/2018


He is pleased with Andrés Kusnetzoff with his Martín Fierro de Oro. It is finishing your program, Street dogs (Metro 95.1, Monday through Friday from 9 to 13), and within the study – in a match for the photo with the prize. Later he asks to add Gabriel Schultz, Cayetano, Nicolás Harry Salvarrey and María O'Donnell, his companions in the air.

In the note, it will remedy that The triumph, beyond the penitentiary digs his name, is the team, that he was molding over 16 years and with which he celebrated it in the morning on Monday asking for each one a few words. It is usually a custom of the driver to ask that his colleagues express their feelings. "They should hate me, but I think it adds", Andy defends, which ensures that that is one of the program keys.

Andy Kusnetzoff, in the patio of the radio, with Martín Fierro de Oro. Photo: Constanza Niscovolos.

Andy Kusnetzoff, in the patio of the radio, with Martín Fierro de Oro. Photo: Constanza Niscovolos.

Then the transition arrives with Enough of everything, the program led by Matías Martín, and the congratulations for the prize are repeated. "There were rumors, but when he lost the program, he saw it difficult I won as a driver and again saw that it could be possible ", responds to anyone with whom he crosses and he inquires if the Gold was expected on the 201M Radio MF.

Throughout 2017 and 2018 – the period that Aptra- Street dogs has harvested Featured moments that justify recognition for your driver. Some were the historical transmission from the Eiffel Tower, the special program from The House of Ana Frank in Amsterdam, the Solidarity Mission, not to grow, and the report on trafficking in women focused on the figure of Susana Trimarco, who He earned a prize from the New York Festival. All this, combined with the fun interviews, the live bands and the different talks with listeners, who often play the most intimate fiber thanks to the work of the "Emotional shark ", as defined by the writer and columnist of the Eduardo Sacheri cycle to Andy because of its ability to smell where to find the emotion.

Andy Kusnetzoff and "Street Dogs" team (Radio Metro). Photo: Constanza Niscovolos.

Andy Kusnetzoff and "Street Dogs" team (Radio Metro). Photo: Constanza Niscovolos.

-You like that nickname?

-Ye. What I like most about the radio is to look for emotion.

-Itely, the life stories of the listeners have gained a lot of protagonism, they are even a key factor in winning different prizes … Does it cost you to dive in those places?

-I find it easy for me. It's what I like most. That's why Sacheri defined me like this. I feel comfortable in that field, which is emotional. In CQC He did not give anything emotional, he put the rapidity and being canchero. But on the radio I found that I am. And yes, I like that if someone is going to win an entry, count a history list. I go more for the emotional than for the fun. I really enjoy that part. I like the possibility of giving a listener something that is not at your fingertips, as was also (the section) Mailbox of Dogs. That's my lot, no doubt.

Andy, how in your workplace. Photo: Constanza Niscovolos.

Andy, how in your workplace. Photo: Constanza Niscovolos.

Already sitting in front of me with Clarin in the production room of the radio, with a glass of water in the hand and Martín Fierro on the table, Andy confesses that in 2002 the program began as "a more radial project." Without the illusion, he ensures that his voice accompanies many people for 16 years, the time-as he likes to say- in which one does the primary, the secondary school and the university. "I first started on Radio Miter, because I wanted something that would differentiate me from Mario's figure (Pergolini). That's why I chose for AM. But it happened in 2001 and the debacle. And there came this opportunity in Metro," Andy remembers a shirt from Reservoir Dogs, the Tarantino movie that named him Dogs …

– How does a program hold so much time?

– The important thing so that it is lasting and so effective is to add to everything. Y Dogs … He was reinvented many times. Although there is a hard core that continues, if you give you thought, all the time there are changes. For me the essence of the cycle is its fun side and its sensitive, deeper side. That always was like that. We started in 2002. The first recovered grandchildren came first to the program, along with several notes to Estela de Carlotto, because he also had to do with my story. Later, it was also for the social and solidarial side. And now we are in a stage that stands out for its columnists: (Hernán) Casciari, Sacheri, Gastón Gaudio, María (O'Donnell), Vero Lozano, Gabriel Rolón … A selected one!

For me, the essence of Street dogs It's your fun side and its sensitive, deeper side. That always was like that.

Andy Kusnetzoff

-The advancement of feminism also forced some changes, right? The inclusion of female voices, the way to treat certain topics and the loss of space for "Da to be given", maybe the most famous section …

– Feminism is a movement that I support and I looked for the way to incorporate it. We were bringing more women. In the air it is true that there were not so many, but the production was always handled by women as a whole. I said, "We look like a men's program, but one percent percent of women are handled."

Andy Kusnetzoff and Matías Martin in the radial pass. Photo: Constanza Niscovolos.

Andy Kusnetzoff and Matías Martin in the radial pass. Photo: Constanza Niscovolos.

– And the subject of "Da to be given"?

-Se, before I insisted more on women who said they did not want it, but obviously that was eradicated. Nothing is the same as 2002. It was aggregated. A bit of grace I feel he lost. In fact, I think it ends this year and I do not know if it comes back.


-It may be. It has nothing wrong that two people want to give. But there is a part that we would put a lot of condiments and that it is not possible today.

Andy Kusnetzoff: "The Metro at no time was a machinist radio" Photo: Constanza Niscovolos.

Andy Kusnetzoff: "The Metro at no time was a machinist radio" Photo: Constanza Niscovolos.

– Did you disturb that the radio was filed by a machinist? Was it spoken about in the inside?

-Sí, of course, it was spoken. For me, it was not at any time. In addition … machismo is not just that there are more men, machismo is all that is said. And I am a person, and he who hears years ago knows him, zero machinist. There is half a booth to say this, but I'm pretty feminine, in the concept and in the way of thinking. And furthermore, if you give yourself a thought, Enough It is incorporating women, in the program of (Juan Pablo) Varsky are half and a half, and (Sebastián) Wainraich is with Julieta Pink. The truth I'm not sorry. I think it's more an internal radial that was generated.

-The fact of having a daughter (Helena, two years old) changed you and approached you to another public?

– I think yes. We were adolescence as much as possible, but it came. That also renews you. On the radio we tell worlds, and each one first is based on his personal world. And until you are not a father you will not go into the world of parents, in the lack of sleep, the diapers, the children's shows … Now that's my world.

-The children under 25 do not listen to radio?

-I do not match that. For nothing We have a lot of that audience. I do not know if they are 12 or 15 years old, but then they come to the radio. They will hear it in the car, on the cell, in the app, but it is still the radio. For me they hear, there are a lot of 18 to 25 who listen to us.

– Can you capture that audience?

-On the pendejos, it costs me more … I do not like to make me the bite. Then I treat that the contents are multitudes, especially by the side of the music. That sum, but what does not go is to make me the bitch. I'm not interested and I do not get out. In short, what a premium on the radio is content is to have fun, to emit emotions, and for that there is no age.

– Do you like to be pending the measurements of the program?

– Yes, I analyze everything, always. Quique Prosen, who was the one who armed this radio, told me that there are three legs: the impact on the street, the rating and the billing. It's a combo. And I'm happy with the results of the program.

– Does not it affect you not being the most listened in the mornings?

-What is what you change? We are seconds instead of first, nothing else. The truth is that I am very proud of the program. Yes, I measure the measurements and billing, but my challenge is to make the best program that I can, and try to spend it well, which is not a tedious. That's something that on the TV costs a lot. Now I found a program (PH, by Telefe) that I enjoy, but in general I suffer from tele. But here on the radio I have friends, I am with my wife (the producer Florencia Suárez), we travel around the world, we win international awards … For me it is a pleasure.

-In these days, Matías Martín communicated the unwillingness of Eduardo Cabito Massa Alcántara. How the leader of your group, would you make such a decision with a partner?

-Aclaro that I speak of me and not about the Matías and Cabito theme. I understand the need to make decisions. You are the one of the program and many times you have to take measures that will not like everyone. I also told my team: "Dogs … It is above the individualities of all. "If the results accompany, perfect. But sometimes there are things that will not fall well but they are necessary. I had to do it, we talked about it and everyone understood it like that. to survive, because to continue to be effective without making changes, it is very difficult. I, if I had to do something like that, would do it. As well, if it was to me to withdraw or to make it available, I would.

Andy and Matías, hug of mates and friends. Photo: Constanza Niscovolos.

Andy and Matías, hug of mates and friends. Photo: Constanza Niscovolos.

Boca, her daughter and the tele

Like all, Andy was also affected by the incidents before the final of the Liberators, who forced the suspension of the match between River and Boca. Identified with the colors xeneizes, the driver read a letter in which he argued that "Although Boca is a champion, I have already lost."

"After what happened, the game sucks me an egg, because we lost all," he says. Then he goes to the inner family: "Flor is Fana of River and we talk to many of our daughter. Both of us want to go to the court with the family. She's from River and I from Boca. For now he's not going anywhere. what happened to me strikes down. "

"My daughter is growing up in a country where two swollen ones can not be combined, where there is corruption, where the violence begins, where there is freedom of action for the bars … The passion must be to stop confronting us, to live as tranquil as Argentineans. We have spectacular things and also a lot of shit that can not be solved. I put passion for my daughter to live well in a safe country, with good education, and that he can be in agreement with the people he needs. I already lost seeing what happened the other day. I am no longer interested. We already lost, "returns, to make it clear.

-To end with something positive, with PH: We can talk Did you find your place on the TV?

-I am glad because it is the same thing as the radio I did on television. It is the most true thing I did. The tele is very forced, so I felt better on the street before, which is more true than a study. They told me: "Your job is not the same as on the street." I never felt bad conductor. It happens that I did not find something that I would like, because I do not feel comfortable as an entertainer. Now I can say it after many years. I do not feel comfortable as an entertainer. But you're leading a program like PH, which passes several climates.

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