Andy Vajna was not taken away with her illness, saying her friend


According to his friend, John McTiernan, Andy Vajna, who died at the age of 74, did not appear from his death. The American filmmaker was at the most impressive years of the life of the film producer, when his child's schizophrenia was destroyed, and 12 years ago, Justin sent his own, Blikk wrote.

"Andy has been suffering for years, but he did not show it. It was possible to do this. But his heart was broken and I am too. I've been involved in Justin's research several times after he was angry about something and was scared. We spent nights with Andy on Los Angeles streets. (…). For years he did everything he could, but he had to be buried"The world's leading director said Andy Vajna had control over his illness.

"He was especially careful not to have a special problem with him. He did not accept his illness"McTiernan, who gave a flower instead of a man, said to his friend's grave. He explained that he had always defeated Winnie's ear to stop smoking.

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