Aneta struck a late mother at Denis, but after four years, the old farmer also disturbed her


Competitors Aneta there Denis they can not find a common language. The split between them grows deeper and more. show that they can not spend second on the same board for the second one so they can not get up and be offended. Denise, known as Aneta, said he was "heavy", as she was disturbed that she was pregnant. disturbed her, but she disturbed her with a sad statement: "Your mother is heavy, no bone will ever leave."

Aneta's incompatible statement, which would make it more likely to be sent out by the audience. PHOTO: Pop TV

On this unsatisfactory account, which caused the social networks to be shaken by terror, Denis needed to swim, but jumped back to him in the next wild garden by Aneto. Then he spends it.

The antibiotics become stronger and the competitors have exceeded all good taste boundaries. Aneta hit the dead for the second time. It started first Zdenkin the late man, and now Denise's mother yesterday.

Amazing Andrey Message

In connection with the complaint, the old Denis team from the farm show named, Andrej Zaletel: New startup and social networks: "Hello, but you do not see what's happening. Everything was spoiled, but Denis told his behavior. On his farm, Prior to his time, Leon was guiding and entertaining him, but he learned something here, just a shimph and had something to do. But he forgot how he won the farm, Previously if he was not happy to delete it in the field but he did not even show how the duel was going and I would not won in the final show if I did not help it with the puzzle. Years Because I have been unhappy with my behavior in the last two days, and Aneta Empress, you tell how to do it … and go to the finals! "

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