Angela Baby and Huang Xiaoming break?


Weibo confirmed that Angela Baby and Huang Xiaoming were married after 3 years of marriage, however, the Chinese media ignored this issue.

Recently, some of those Chinese news sites said Angela Baby and Huang Xiao Ming looks to her & # 39; wind. The evidence is that both appear together or not; usually emotionally at the front of the lens.

The grandmother of Huynh Xiaoming was 90 years old, Angela Baby was also present. Website Xuan Huynh Xiaoming also sits away from his wife at the Vogue Film event last week. Instead of sitting together, they left Zhao Wei in the middle.

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Rarely a couple appear as a new date.

Air Weibo, some of the websites said that the two were now in a sweet step. Last time, Angela Baby was busy with a tough record.

Despite being shouting for acting, the actresses are still in attendance; record a record. It is also against the ads that will be advertised by brands and magazines. In contrast, Huynh Xiaoming has many problems.

The new job is no longer attractive, it is completed at a trading platform on the stock market. It is thought not to spend time for each other the reason for the speed that is going on; grow. On the third year of the wedding day, they will hear.

The two artists do not talk about sounds of divorce. China's well-known newspapers are also disturbing the news. Instead of divorcing divorce, on November 13 China Angela Whyte is still very pleased with Weibo. In response, Huynh Xiaoming said: "Thank you, my wife."

In his most recent interview, when asked about wife and wife, Huynh Xiaoming suggested his wife. "Angela is a very good wife, Angela who always enjoys everyone in Angela Baby. She always looks at her family's relationship, and looks carefully her children. "

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China's big news sites are not really genuine.

"My life is very busy and makes it happy. I had never thought to do anything, just sitting at home. That's frightening me, "he said.

Angela Baby and Huang Xiaoming married in October 2015. It is thought that she is a most powerful couple showbiz when she is a female star A Chinese cinema and she is the actress of the screen ; in it.

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