Angela Torres and the recordings by Juan Darthés in "Simona": "Everything was very strange, very tough"


"It's a messenger …"He explained Angela Torres a Juan Darthés. And he says he wants to call him Thelma Fardín: "It's clear that he was a kidney and that he was a little," he said. But also – according to his terms – he says for the time this year was divided by the actor in recordings Simona.

The fiction was released on January 22, 2018 in the first time of El Trece, among the major media to find a public case Calu Rivero He opposed Darthés for sexual abuse. There were several statements and a number of meetings at the time. One of them, the actor talked to the entire battle, announcing his innocent. Then he did Adrián Suar, supporting continuity.

But the situation was not easy, especially for Angela, who reached her first career role in television there. "It was very tough (working with Darthés). I can tell many things, but that's not the time, "said the actress in the tour Chismoses, covering its mouth individually to an independent, in a renewable operation, to prevent any confirmation from a & # 39; escape.

The character of a star Angela had a direct connection to Darthés & # 39;: Simona she was a servant of the househouse Diego Guerrico. "Everything was very amazing, it was very difficult," he said about the recordings of the novel, "and it was very difficult to take care of that situation, with me, with 19 year old and all that is in care. cakes very young Barth. in the studio. "

"I always believed Calu, and I believe Thelma, and I'm with her," he said, although a girl Gloria Carrá He asked not to answer the questions of the journalists about Darthés and Calu: "My partner is, I'm getting well, "he said, and another. Now, Torres affirms that situation: "I just wanted to save myself … It was not a time to talk For the first time I was in a strip and my laburo was in danger. It was not the time it was; I have to go out and say what I was thinking about Juan for fear of & # 39; lose my job"

"Everything is very strong for me, I worked with him all year round. Duckling (TheHare) and I was pretty close to Themma. She remembers her and she was a girl. It's really amazing. And that is convicted and the face goes out and says what he says … It's a & # 39; I'm amazed, it's giving me geoles, it's a? cold. "

Darthés and Ángela in "Simona" (Video: El Trece)

However, Angela gets something better: "This is the best thing on ice-cream, now they start to go out ( to express it) and it will become a big outbound and we need to be ready and together and we will be struggling: sometimes I feel it's a war; there. Look at the parade women hang… Yes, it's strong. But what they are doing for us"

The 20-year-old actress gave a warning that she is not "qualified", guided by her statements Mauro Viale, arguing that Darthés "is a manipulator or a psychopath". "I understand that it's a bad story what it's going through, I'm sorry for his children, but he is in his eyes what he did, and Justice needs to work, and he must be fair once and for everyone, "said Angela Torres.

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