Angela, twice, and Damso was crowned


The Belgian Damso rapper, Friday, February 8, won the rap album of the year with "Lithopédion" at Victoires de la Musique, France.

"I did not have any real ideas about Reasons. Where I was angry, you were openly honored," He explained at his awards ceremony. "I hope that rap will be considered in the future for what is there and not for what we want to be" He hopes.

Two other rappers were named in this section. Moha La Squale's B & B; with "Bendero" and Georgio by "XX5".

Angèle gave, twice!

At just 23, Belgian singer Angèle won two awards. She went to the stage for her first time to & # 39; gaining the Growth of Visual Credit of the Year, for the most beautiful of the year, with "Tout oublie", made in collaboration with her brother Roméo Elvis.

She ran with the clips of "Alright" with Jain and "Weird Dreams" with Orelsan with the rapper Damso.

Then, his "Brol" album, which won the "Book of the Year's Album Book" award, is presented to Foé with "Il" and Taxi Therapy with "Hit Sale", a record on which it is also a # 39 ; showing his brother, Romeo Elvis. "Brol" features songs that have been successful in the last few months, such as "The Thunders", "Murphy & Law", "Forget All" or "Èudach" ".

" I am delighted that this record was made only by people I loved She said on the stage. Singer gave his thanks, in particular, to his family, including singer of her father Marka and her mother, the actress Laurence Bibot.

The complete list

Female artist: Jeanne added

Male artist: Bigflo & Oli

Album Presentation: "Brol" by Angèle

Display: Clara Luciani

Album songs: "In Upstream", Alain Bashung

Rock Album: Jeanne's "Radiate" was added

Album Music City: "The Dream Life" by Bigflo & Oli

Album Album: "Lithopedion" by Damso

World music album: "LOST" by Jordana Camélia

Album Electricity: "Dancehall" by The Blaze

Original song: "I think you're also" from Boulevard des Airs

Music show / Tour / Concert: Orelsan

Audiovisual creation: "All forgetting" by Angèle

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