Angelababy's marriage requirement is


Recently, Internet talk about the divorce divorced Angelababy and Huynh Xiaoming. As the people who are always constantly silent, residents are compiled for reasons and beliefs.

Zhao Wei – an old friend of one of Huang Xiaoming suddenly and suddenly. lying without having to hit her & # 39; wall & The name Zhao Wei is suddenly watching the weibo faster for what she did not want.

The source comes from the story, delegates checked that Huynh Xiao Ming was old for ever and so the marriage broke by Angelababy.

In the middle of Angelababy's silent marriage - Huynh Xiaoming, fans say: Zhao Wei was never old and old; 0

And immediately, Zhao Wei is the person called the old man. Users also have evidence that Huynh Xiaoming is still in his heart; embracing Zhao Wei's heart.

Ron sound from the public, Zhao Wei fans responded immediately. According to many, the sounds from the marriage of Huang Xiao Ming and Angelababy do not have to Zhao Wei. At present, Trieu Vy le Huynh has three wives but Huynh Huu Long instead of Huynh Xiaoming.

Zhao Wei is the only communication point and the marriage of Huynh Xiaoming – Angelababy is just an old friend of the "male leader". Not only does Huang Xiaoming have a good relationship with Angelababy, with Zhao Wei.

Zhao Wei and home happy.

Zhao Wei and home happy.

In addition, Zhao Wei was never an old man. of Huang Xiaoming. It's just his first love; at Huynh Xiaoming. Even Zhao Wei refused Huang Xiaoming.

Later, Huynh Xiao Ming remembered his sweet words, but after that, it was just love that was completely unpredictable by the students; leaving so many good feelings.

Zhao Wei fans hope not to passengers & # 39; to accomplish their imagination, a & # 39; Think of things that could harm the home of Zhao Wei.

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