Angelina Jolie: Family affair – and it's changed


Usually the actor Angelina Jolie wears dark clothes. The latest scene, she put it in a color that you didn't look for for a long time.

Black appears to be the favorite color of its Hollywood star Angelina Jolie (43). The actor with the big number can use other colors. So she sat at a meeting with Queen Elizabeth (92) on simple blue dress. In addition, black is influencing the mother's clothing choice. In her recently updated version of the "Dumbo" by the children Zahara (14), Shiloh (12) and the couple Vivienne and Knox (10), which we show you in the video for me. Men will be wearing clothes that are innocent. remember.

The photographer goes around Angelina when she is walking on the red flag. Why is this so, you can see below in the video:

Now, Angelina will be moving away from Hollywood – with the children

Since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (55) departed in 2016, the faces are still hard. According to the US media, Angelina seems to want to move away from her Hollywood children, as Brad should not. With her eldest son Maddox (17), she watched University of New York, wishing to learn there.

Paparazzi were delighted when they met after two years that they would take Jolie and Pitt for the first time since the dissolution. But this meeting was just so light, as the video below shows. On the other hand, the frost between the two former Hollywood couples was frozen.


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