Angelina Jolie in talks for Marvel's The Eternals


It looks as though Marvel brings in some A's talent for introducing the franchise to vote t The Eternalsby THR telling us that Oscar, Angelina Jolie, is speaking to lead the film superhero.

Based on Jack Kirby's comic book, t The Eternals based on the “hugely powerful objects and close to those known as the Eternals and worse-tempered cellar called the Deviants) formed by cosmic creatures called Celestials.” t

Confirming that rumors had previously been reported, the THR report states that 'the story of love between Ikaris, a man of cosmic power, and Sersi, is a big part of the report' which is hoped they are moving among people. '

If Jolie got his name, this will mark her first research into the world of citizens, although she appeared previously in a comic book change, linking with James McAvoy in 2008. t Missing.

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The Eternals Directed by Chloe Zhao ( tThe Rider) it is expected to be spread in 2020 alongside the Scarlett Johansson-head Black Widow one-person film.

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