Aneta Andollini Already badly recorded among the teams in the Survivor exhibition, now the story is repeated in the Farm.

Aneta is the best challenge that enjoys much of this year's farm show, as each one considers that the actress is the biggest and is ready to achieve the goal of being & # 39; go through the bodies.


It is more important that Aneta also has a statement to the media when she said that she did not do anything at the Farm between Nikki and Nik, but the pictures tell them that they were also closely involved , how often he was very passionate. raising people. "Nick is a good boy, and I really enjoy the Farm, because we got up quickly. No, however, we have, at least from my side," Aneta, who suggested that everything is true in the show, but suggests that she is doing it just to win. "Aneta is the first type manipulator and is ready to win everything, even though she goes through the bodies, who are sure for Nik," we were asked to be involved in the team partners who lost the farm show.