Anja from Lyme Disease changed from a spiritual designer to a woman in the bed all day.


“Often people ask how Anja is doing. Yes, it's usually bad. Sometimes a little bit worse and sometimes worse. But it is not well. "Anja's husband is Frank van den Biggelaar. He has seen a short change in time from a spiritual photographer by his own company to a woman who has the small power that she is in. Most of the day got up to bed. "On good days, she can walk 15 minutes outside."

House sold
The house itself in Tilburg had subsequently wanted to sell regeneration. As Anja is unable to work anymore and Frank has to be in her care for a long time, their income dropped dramatically. Since then they have moved into Limburg with Anja's parents.

The Dutch doctors don't know they had advice about Anja. Frank: "They all say:" I can't find anything in my field. "A trip to Dutch workers didn't take anything out: without diagnosis, no cure. An expert from Belgium realized he has an Lyme disease, which is spread by But his cure with antibiotics did not improve Anja.

Clinic in Germany
Now Anja and Frank have found a clinic in Germany. They also found that Anja has Lyme disease, as well as a large number of other diseases. The clinic offers treatment; That is why Anja and Frank have now launched a productive fundraising campaign to raise 35,000 euro.

Anja often worked at atelier NS 16 in Tulburg and relatives from that time decided to help her. Around 75 artists have now delivered work; he is sold at an event on a Saturday in NS16.

Little effort
Added by the artist Ivo van Leeuwen. "Anja was always a lively girl and she can't do anything now, because it is now impossible for her. This is a tiny attempt. We hope the treatment will work."

The remedy won't give 100% of a solution, but for Frank it is fairly simple: "In India we have a chance of zero; we only have 3% in Germany, it is a far exceeded our lot, but a lot of money will give her back to Anja.

It is strange that a patient in a country such as the Netherlands can raise money for overseas treatment. According to Fred Verdult, chairman of the Lyme Society of Holland, it is a sad truth for thousands of Dutch patients. The story of Anja is not surprising and he gives us examples of a whole number of alternatives. He came after investigating a New York specialist with a cure which made him a lot to do.

Lyme is not visible
According to Verdult, Lyme patients are invisible. "There is not yet enough testing for the disease and, unlike all, the symptoms of different people are sometimes. Sometimes they call the tragic as" dirty dirk "all the other types of pathogen t the bite of such an animal. " t

As a result, all Lyme patients commit themselves to healthcare through healthcare and can only help abroad. What helps one patient does not need to be effective for another.

Tice Week
Ticket Week is April. Then Verdult will visit the House of Representatives to try to raise awareness of Lyme disease, something his group has been working on for 25 years. He is optimistic that it will be the result of success, though it is in a rather elegant way.

"As a result of climate change, more and more signs are being gradually dispersed and an increasing number of diseases are growing. T

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