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You asked me if I could explain some of the reasons for you to go to # 39; the decline of the Christians and when I read the article that was quested, I blocked the first thing. Nowadays, when "hostile beliefs" throughout the world are a powerful power, when Christians have a " Continuing wherever there is no respect for human rights, it is more pragmatic to hinder "problems" in the form of "protection Christians" in the face of problems …

Initially, however, before we start writing anything about this blogging article, first read Mohamedan's statement 1 (not to mention the last name and the " last surname) who had to literally hide in Europe:

"I was born in the state of Mohammedan, in an Islamic family. I am a Mohammedan, I'm not wonderful for that. Islam does not represent me, this term was not in our country. It was a spiritual thing that opposed your creature. It was just a way of life that was weak and, at the same time, police state & Islam, These are for me, for example, holidays, traditional food, visiting the other family and neighbors, here we have made special sections or tradition of Traditions in the school about its importance to help your neighbor, offer thankfulness to Allah for everything, etc. Over time I discovered that it was not surprising what other beliefs or ideologies would be. All the simple principles We had to live and, in particular, it was a cultural identity for me. Someone is scratched It was a Russian or Swede, and I was born as Mohammedan. A description of her & # 39; The first Mohamedan has been to become Mohamedan's likelihood of saying Hungarian's stopping into Hungarian. And then who is it Italian? Sadly, Islam becomes increasingly a problem when the Mohamedan is experiencing difficulty; decision to be "right" to Mohammedan and start to & # 39; using Islam literally and in the letter. It's a honeycomb. "The person removed from these general principles into many detail found in the Islamic tradition and legislation that had influenced his & # 39: Qur & a, and as a result of his dangerous understanding. Although I am still in the Koran, I still have a problem with understanding of a number of rhymes from a reasonable place, especially those who are ill. related to possible prizes, the description of "brutal penalties", a hell and paradise concept, which is more likely to grow for me I did not say mythical. level of customs and seeds, then the degree of religion and tolerance of the Mohamedan population has been proven. They will see the world suddenly with a double prism. The World of the Mohammedans, which is faster or later in a "paradise" (even club), even though they are the worst The Earth, or the world of non-Mamadan people, who are Ending in the last hell, even the people who abstained; best in the world. Suddenly, Islam is growing full of grain, suffocation, apostasy, and especially what I am doing; Thinking that it is a most dangerous danger, it is justification of violence, cruelty and murder, everyone blessed by bigot imams (who call them "spiritual" to face it) should not be part of any society. I have been trying to find gradual legislation that is going on; preventing women who ask men to "complete subscription", and if you happen to go to # 39; Moving from most ideas, you have taken an allegation that the world movement is not a moral problem. On the other hand, the "right Mohammedan" would still be there and with a peaceful war. After all, he fulfills the devolution of God on Earth … "(Conclusion from Mohamedan's hide from persecution).

And now "LINK" to this controversial arctic:

Kamil Kandalaft (who understands the name of his name) The words in the words "The Words of the Qur" are as follows: (1) And be afraid of fear of the Prophet. A gentleman for people in regard to the Lord, because he is the head of a woman, because he is the priest of the community, he, the Lord of the flesh. But because the Community is under the control of Heaven, so also the women are men.

Eph 5, 21 (correct decision): and be under the control of each other in fear of Christ. (End of Determination)

The dreadful disappointment of Kamila Kandalafta is published when we read about "a little bit" more of the uncertain part of Scripture – Eph 5: 20-33: Give thanks to God and to all the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ 21 and put together in fear of Christ. 22 There are women for the Lord's sake, 23 because he is the head of the woman, because Christ is the head of the Church, he, the Holy One of the flesh. 24 But because the Church is subject to Christ, so men are men in everything. 25 Men, women's love, as Christ loves the Church and his love; giving himself to him, 26 to be sanctified by the water of clearing water and a word, 27 to prepare for himself a crownless glorious church or fingers or anything like that, but to be holy and non-religious. 28 So men also have a duty to love their wives as their own bodies. For a long time (h: m: s) 29 For no one was hated by his flesh, but he gave him life and he cared for him, as the Church Christ, 30 because We are a member of his body. 31 And the man will leave his father and mother, and he will fulfill his wife, and they shall be two in one body. 32 This mystery is good; I talk about Christ and the Church. 33 But you also, each one loves his wife as himself. And a woman to respect the person.


Kandalaft reports as follows: (2) But I want you to know that the head of everyone is the Wife, the head of the women and the head of the Heavenly God. ((Technical Note: Muhammad should be more specific and write "Allah" instead of "God" because "God" "" Allah "and" Allah "are not" God "" D & # 39 ; the word "Alah" grew from the word used at this time for "white" of God, which was used in idolatry, because it opposed the books of "The Old Testament" and the " New Testament "and the current Mohammedans No one was told them that they would have an imat or anathatollah being executed or eliminated if they donated themselves – and what which puts the black cube in Medina, which may be a residue of the meteor, blocked it, because the Prophet was self- Calls, Mahomet, writing in a strange & eccentric, raising himself above everything else (a plea for swimmering) – who would not have suffered so deeply suffering! ))

1 Cor 11, 3 (correct decision): But I want you to know that everyone's head is Christ, the head of the human and the end of Christ. (The technical note: This part of the Scriptures describes historically the books of "Old Testament", that is why he writes the abomination of the a temple in praying when they pray to God, but there are important parts of the "high level", that is, they flow our minds with regards to general high-level ideas which will help them free themselves from the formal customs that have been tied up so far …))

Glamor and misception (Asal Mohammedan of the idea of ​​the integrity of Islam) Kamila Kandalafta is published when we read at least 1 Corinthians 11: 11-12: It is not true that a woman is not a man in the Lord, not a man without a wife, 12 for a woman of a man who is a man with a woman, and all things are of God.

Explanations Kamil Kandalaft with a Mohamedan climber is as follows: (3) Everyone who prepares or prepares them; prophecy with a criminating head that disturbed his head. And every woman who prays or prophesies is with the head of his unbelief. disturbing his head: he is also the same if she could steal her. For if a woman is not involved, it can be cut. But if it is a problem for a woman to crash or go to; bending, she's hiding. It is not necessary for the person to cover it, because it is the image and glory of God, but it is a man's glory. Because there is no one with a woman, but one woman. He is not a man he composed for a woman, but a woman for one. So, it is said that a man's power will be on his head – for the angels.

1 Cor 11, 4 (correct decision): Everyone who prepares or prepares them; prophecy with a criminating head that disturbed his head. ((This means that Kandalaft also describes other parts of the chapter, but only the fourth verse on the article!) Therefore, Kandalata and its fallacy are easier to show if we know the first one if we know that the letter to Corinthian was written specifically by the crew member of the Christian Church who came from an old party division of the Roman Empire … Finally, if someone is unfamiliar, it is easier to Killa Kandalata 's disappointment and his choice of Islam's mental psychology, who was in charge of the Slovak Republic boundaries.

Kamil Kandalaft reports as follows: (4) there are silent women at the meetings. They do not allow them to speak to them, but let them be under authority, as the law says. If they want to learn something, ask her at home, because they do not care for a woman to go to her; speak at the collection.

1 Cor 14, 34 (correct decision): … there are silent women at the meetings. They do not allow them to speak to them, but let them be under authority, as the law says. (Technical note: Kamil Kandalaft is badly bad, because it is said under the article that has only 34 verses and added it from the next step))

The horrors and lies of Kamila Kandalata are published when we recognize the main point of the chapter, that is 1 Cor 14, 12: So too, since you love spiritual gifts, try to make yourself enough to build the Church. (Repeat) I report – the author of this chapter of the Bible is & # 39; dealing with the "Law", which describes the "Old Testament" (also, the Old Testament can be used) and there are many rituals – ALE – The New Testament , alias the New Testament, highlighting if you are; live in accordance with God the Holy Spirit (God of Love), that you do not have to live according to the "law" because God is live and manage in you – what's in; in "law"?

Kamil Kandalaft reports as follows: (5) I do not let women have a & # 39; teach or manage people, but let them be quiet.

1 Tim 2, 12 (correct decision): I do not let women have a & # 39; teach or manage people, but let them be quiet. (End of Determination)

Kamila Kandalafta's horrors and lies are published when we recognize the main point of the chapter (1 Tim 2), "the beginning and end of the chapter (this" LIST "was written by her & # 39; pagan!) 1 Tim 2, 1-4 and 14-15: 1 In particular, I want to have prayers, prayers and orders, and that they thank all men, kings and all those in the the highest places, so that we live in a quiet and peaceful world in all religions and moral purity. 3 This is kind and kind to God, our Savior, 4 who wants all men to be saved and to know the truth. (End of the sample from the beginning of its chapter)

14 And Adam was not raised, but the woman could pull and sin off. 15 But the children's birth will save; if they grow in faith and love, in holiness and in honor. (Overview of the end of the chapter chapter)

The weight is "THU they were saved and really recognized" and Kandalaft binding could only arise because the author of those sections of Scripture wrote a warning about sin and praised more faith with love … (!)

Kamil Kandalaft reports as follows: (6) Without faith, God is inaccessible to love.

Hebr 10, 30 (Detailed Determination): We know who said, "I'm revenge, I will reward me." And again, "The Lord will judge his people." (End of Determination)

Did Kandalaft produce badly?

Throughout the Hebrew chapter, there are three main ideas, as follows:

4 For it is impossible that the blood of the bull and the captain be taken away from sin.


15 And the Holy Spirit declares us, saying, 16 This is the connection that I will do with them after those days, saying the Lord: I will send my laws to me, # 39; heart, and I will put them in my mind; 17 And I have not remembered again the sins and offenses. "


29 Do you think of her & # 39; The most terrible punishment is deserving? Anyone who is training God's Son to preventing the blood of his covenant in which he was holy, and his / her; including the Spirit of grace? 30 For we know the one who said: "I'm revenge, I will reward me." And again, "The Lord will judge his people." 31 It is very hard to fall into the hands of the living God. (Theend of preview 3)

Kandalaft reports as follows: (7) The spirit that does not know the Prophet is in God's respect. This is Satan's spirit that you have heard that that is coming and is already in the world.

Hebr 11, 6 (Detailed Determination): Without faith, God is inaccessible to love. For everyone who comes to God must believe that he is and is giving a reward to the people who want it.

Kandalaft correctly writes in the article with a = small = error.

The key in the seventeen Chapters is only a Hebrew that is at the heart of any belief that the Son of God, or the God of the Lord Jesus Christ – but – is the only God and the only God , whether it was before God, the Father or the Creator God, or after the resurrection and the solution that God is the Holy Spirit – and that is just God's Love – so if they have talked to God in There are many kinds of wisdom, they are only one God! It's not about polytheism it's, but it's just NO lack of knowledge, or lacking sense and sustainability skills on the official pages of language or names and so – and finally, if a person understands that God is only one, or not, so he may know that God is Love, but he also creates righteousness, gift of life, happiness of freedom, and again We have some poems of poetry thinking, because God is incredible and out of our inconvenience – we can only destroy and believe it – but at the same time there is a real "belief without dead activities", but if you enjoy it, you do not expect to be merit or apply, so all disputes between Protestants and Catholics are in fact; laughing and mourning – ALSO, a & # 39; Islam mistake and Corran, in believing that God could "use" or "ask" a complete sub-ordering – what it would be if he was completely independent from any creatures (he is a CREATOR ), and he is the donor and maintainers etc etc etc ………….

Kandalaft reports as follows: (8) If someone comes to you and if you do not get this teaching, do not get it in the house, or if you find it.

1 Jn 4, 3 (correct decision): The spirit that does not know Jesus is from God. This is the spirit of Antichrist that you have heard that that is coming, and is already in the world. (End of Determination)

Would Kamil Kandalaft have fun in this article? Not just a mistake in his album? This valuation that I have given here is one of them – especially the conviction of a full devolution ideology of Islam – because they do not recognize the Lord Jesus Christ and not take them in for a minute that the Lord Jesus Christ is just that he is the holy God and who is his. live in life and solve God's God's God includes God the Holy Spirit … These shoes and hospitals have been based on his & her; Phseud Pseudoporocco Mahomet, but also the ignorance – because the Mohammedan is born to full generation, living in integrity, and so he has no choice and the true God ("I am"), and so we will serve Alah, which is a very good chain, but only something that has fallen on it …

Kamil Kandalaft reports as follows: (9) For we will tell him who said, "It is my revenge, I will reward me." And again, "The Lord will judge his people." It is very awful to fall into the hands of the living God.

2 John 1, 10 (true word): If someone comes to you and if you do not get this teaching, do not get it in the house, or if you find it. (End of Determination)

So he has a "comar" agent at Kamil Kandalaft. Over the years, it could be resolved if he did not accept who he was; from the place or with whom (?) …

The key in the first chapter of John's second letter is: "… but not because I wrote a new order, just what we got from the beginning – love each other."Kamil Kandalaft raised everyone who read his / her advertisement article – or – if he only needed to be diminished from someone, he was clearly mistaken in a & # 39. In a couple of ways, Islam is an agent of totally thoughtful thinking, which is even worse than the "Indian" expressed on an envelope around (!) …


Kamil Kandalaft writes that he did little change the "Sacred Scripture" – if he did a Christian on the other side, he killed him as fast as a bird.

Kamil Kandalaft is a counterfeit, but it's dangerous because he is a well-known and experienced expert. Retired for 3-4 years! It is a sympathy of the Palestinian rebels, whether he is an identifier of full force total thinking – that is last year, but how small & # 39; I did and read what I have read – it's a great deal that he has been working for many years … And his friend Karim Tóth (videos on as well as Kandalaft propaganda on Truth blogs) are even more advanced in how they fall … who are unfamiliar, easy to run. And he does his ignorance …

Kamil Kandalaft is an agent of intellectual thinking, Islam writes: "The purpose of the declaration of the New Testament in this article is to question a false vision of Christianity as purest, or not -Shoilleir, safe, and such identification, as found in the Qur's and probably amazing, can find the same rhymes in New and especially in the Old Testament. The verses here are just a fraction of the sad and biblical words. "- It's a writes "our Christianity – but it has nothing to do with our Christianity, but it only tries to influence how big it can.

Islamic agent Kamil Kandalaft brings Islamic, Christianity and the ideological integrity of Islam (more difficult than physics to Nazi as a whole, even the socialism of Islam's news to our ancestors!). The ideology of Islam's integrity is prescribed through the Qur & to; Lazarus voluntarily on behalf of Alaha, but who is not in God … He has only the least of his love, but about the war, about killing and punishment for "the unbelievers" – as if it were; go to the oil pipes.

Again, Furt says that he is a religion in t.islam, but Islam is just a hiding behind religion, is a perfect idea In addition, it opposes "Universal Declaration on Human Rights" (UN 10.12.1948).


Section 3: Everyone has the right to life, freedom and personal security.

(Only recently, a Pakistani report was converted to Christianity all over the world, after 9 years that she let her court because she agreed that they opposed her – that Mahomet and Islam were not murdered, but that imam was opposed to the court's decision and wanted to engage with her as well as judges … Reports of the These varieties are so numerous and often the "nerves" read about "always and continue to help me … & is a chapters. ; in a number of Christians murdered for their faith!))


Section 7: Everyone is equal before the law and they have the right to equal legal protection without discrimination. Everyone has the right to equal protection against any discrimination that breaks up this declaration and against any incentive on such discrimination.

(A woman's certainty is in court in the country of Mohammedan's face against a person, "they are not uncomfortable" and they do not have a complaint in the court, and so in the United States by tyranny, the Christian is an assault of suicide.))


Article 18: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom of religion or belief and freedom to change, alone or with others, both public or private, show their religion or belief in teaching, practical life, worship and rituals.

The Holy Book of Islamists "Qur 's Orders Mohamedan is as follows:

8:17 You are not yours They killed, but Allah killed them; and you did not let down when he threw himself, but Allah did you put it to test the cries with the good test, and # 39; come from God to come, as Allah is coming; hear them all!

2: 191 Morning in every placewhere you can find them, and remove them from the places where they were disturbed, Strengthening away from religion is worse than killing. But do not fight near Mosque of the Sacred, so that they can fight with you here. But if they attack you there, dead – that's the unbelievers prize!

9: 5 And when the holy months are delivered, there killed the idolters (who are an idle for those who do not say that Islam and Christians impede religion in the Trinity, although God is just one – from a historical point of view, but not three gods! That's why Islamists really want "Christian Christian dogs" wherever you get them, catch them, keep them safe and make all kinds of bad face! But if they return to them, they will pray and give a curl, let them take their way, because Allah is a happy proof, compassion.

8:39 Therefore fight with them, There was no disturbance in the apostasy, and that it was just Alaha in all faiths. But if they are a stop, then Allah will go to; See everything they are doing.

5:73 And they are loyal to those who say, "God is a third part of the three" – although there is no secret except Allah alone. And if they stop, what they say, believe to & # 39; affecting the unbelievable, punished greatly!

2: 217 They ask for a holy month for you and to fight the course. Say: "Striving in hard sin, but turn away from Allah's way, not to believe it and in the holy Mosque and is still in her presence; abolish the residents sinner heavier before Allah comes; It's worse than killing. The "unbelievers" do not stop a & # 39; fight to put you away from "religion" if possible. For those who fall away from their religion and their Dying as a religion, their actions in this world and the world will become weak, and become wild and deadly. (end of hits)

That's all, tough, I have to deal with other duties – thank you for calling, thank you for all your wishes and read the items back, not for a public… (There is no fear of love, and full love is frightened, because fear is punished, and the person who fears "is not in love." We have love because God first loved him. If a person says, "I like God" and I mourn for his brother, he is sad. For anyone who does not enjoy it & # 39; His brother can see, God can not love his love he can not see. And we have the "order": he also loves God his brother) … MdM is positive

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