Anna Kendrick's tweet is not about Twilight & # 39; Only 9 words long, but it's still reading


Classic Kendrick.
Classic Kendrick.

Image: Steve Granitz / WireImage

How good do you remember & # 39; you have Light Cloud films?

It's about 10 years since the first one came out, so the chances (if your DVD does not) can remind you of being a bit bad.

Anna Kendrick, at least. And she was in the license itself.

Kendrick sends a lot of thweets is very good, but – in a kind of stuff; a very important place – perhaps one of her favorite things.

The Twitter people were promptly giving him confidence, although Kendrick does not remember it, they are definitely a & # 39; do.

Hey: if you are at the time where you are forgetting trading rights, you know that you've done it.

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