Anna Lewandowska showed her changing the Klara room. "He's committed to being beautiful"


Anna Lewandowska looked at Klara room

Anna Lewandowska is very much responsible for family confidentiality, that is why she does not; Look at the pictures on which you can see Klara's face. Much more willing, however, the train is hit inside her home. This time she published pictures of her daughter's room.

Anna Lewandowska changes Klara room

Klara Lewandowska gets bigger and bigger. So the daughter of Robert Lewandowski needs to have new toys and other furniture one bigger. That's why Anna Lewandowska has decided to refurbish it and then it shows a fragment of Klara's room.

New dummies. I make a little change to my little girl's room – wrote on Instagram.

In a girl's room almost two years old, there are light colors in clay – spiders, roses and locks. As you can see, the lithototic animals – especially elephants. I have to admit that the room is so decorated that responds to the one that is decorated; grow up.

Room Klara Lewandowska
Fig. annalewandowskahpba / Instagram

Room Klara Lewandowska
Fig. annalewandowskahpba / Instagram

Room Klara Lewandowska
Fig. annalewandowskahpba / Instagram

Coach fans were delighted with such interior design. But, beside the proposals, there was one complaint.

They look beautiful, but the color scheme is not attractive to children – write one of the moms.

Anna Lewandowska did not respond to this opinion. There were translators, to defend her, clear colors of the children's room.

Such colors seem to be calm and support development. A child can be attracted with vibrant colors. A lovely room is promising.
Colors, colors are better than the different toys from which the eyes hit after entering the children's room.
What a beautiful thing.

But a piece of paper – we read.

However, some of them had some of their suggestions:

I'm praising football things just.
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