Announcing Apple warned Apple over a week ago "IT newspaper


An iOS update that will fix FaceTime's rough hole is a & # 39; coming later this week. In the meantime, Apple has closed with the closure of a FaceTime group with them.

Informed Apple Wednesday last week

Apple replied that iOS would be updated to launch around six hours after your mistake grew in social media. About eight hours after people first started to talk about the mistake, their service company.

Unfortunately, this advertisement is a bad look.

Apple had done the same day, but he might have sent FaceTime away with them as soon as possible; They found out about it, and if Apple was very familiar with the days before he was taken, he is even worse.

In fact, it seems that a mother is trying to do Apple well before going to her; defeated viral, closer to the special Sunday last week, January 20. Such issues appear to be often accelerated in secret, and important that their & # 39; company that he is doing to & # 39; Effective measures and communication clearly. Now it's again again that Apple has at least a problem with the security practices, and it's really tough.

Here is the email confirmation of her / her:

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