Annual coral excavation starts on Great Barrier Reef


SOFT coils have begun to expand on the & # 39; Great Barrier Reef, lets him sperm and eggs are discharged into the water off Càirn.

It is anticipated that the annual event of biology will be downloaded tonight and tomorrow, as hard cranes produce their cellular cells for large fertilizers.

Marine biologists were based on Sunlover's Moore Reef pontair last night to capture a video of the night-night event.

centro_cameraMoore Reef dredging coral. PICTURE: CALYPSO PRODUCTIONS

Produced by Stuart Ireland Production Calypso, who has been filming; Chorale that spawn every year since 1996, and Replicating the event to swim over a snowstorm.

"The spaws are different from small and vacant small balls, which represent eggs or eggs spread and spoon, as long as there are white spots like clouds or steamers, # 39; representing individual male colonies, "he said.

"I enjoy hunting down the individual colonies, it's like to play the dots.

"However, the reef and landscape of a reef make this very challenging.

"You often get the flowers to navigate through the water, but you can not find it down for the collapse that can or can not just finish. "

centro_cameraThe beginning of a coral is seeded. PICTURE: TOM FONE

He said that the special event showed that the Great Barrier Reef was strong yet

People's challenges and climate change has been thrown at the World Heritage Area.

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