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From an online insurance opening in 2014, depending on the growth of marketing markets, the number of online insurers has grown. Last year, after the opening of the internet to ensure "annual insurance", its & # 39; First income is even higher, according to large data survey. In 2018, the annual investment bank insurance online revealed three main motions: "mobile phone insurance", "orange economy" and "interacting and embedding".

The Fubon Insurance stated that there was a continuing financial protection of online investment years insurance and a permanent asset of assets. Many people are welcome and has been an important seal for insurance. At the same time, years can gather with interest rates, and reduce the effects of inflation. Glossary Through analysis of large data, Fubon Insurance Insurance found that the online financial investment year insurance showed three main motions of "mobile phone insurance", "orange economy" and "interaction and embedded "in 2018. The study is as follows:

Mobile phone insurance 夯 – Insurance insurance number insurance insurance number 1.2 times growth, monthly average increase of 15%

According to the latest research, Taiwan's telephony fusion rate is up to 93%, making it one of the best in the world. The way people connect with one device and their; Internet connection at any time in mediation. According to the Fubon Insurance Insurance data data giant, Fubon Life Insurance has been developing a biological insurance through mobile devices such as mobile phones from January to October 2018. The average monthly weekly insurance rate has grown 4 % is normal, and the annual insurance has become bigger. 15%.

In October this year, the number of networking networks increased out of danger through mobile devices such as mobile phones 1.2 times compared to January this year. It is estimated that there is a more digital dentist, with a fever in 2019, with a mobile phone insurance.

In terms of the months, is "Wang Yue" the annual investment bank insurance online? Fubon's Live Insurance said the end of his year was set out in February. Many people were get their vow and use the annual financial insurance online for planning well. Thus, Fubon's annual insurance Insurance launched in March with high performance and high numbers. Out of the average, the results were & # 39; March 1.71 times average monthly performance and 1.25 times on the number of pieces. Many companies also add bonuses or "end-year bonuses" in July and August. This is also seen in the growth of a yearly insurance for online investment. Annual Insurance Insurance Insurance Insurance performance in August 2018 The average monthly performance is 1.43 times.

An urgent economy grows dramatically – the insurance rate in the month is 2.5 2.5 higher. Adult business opportunities are available. going on now.

The "Generation Orange" has risen from the 50 to 64 years in the orange economy. According to ITRI, it was estimated that the "Asian Business Opportunity" would be in Taiwan 3.6 trillion Yuan in 2025. At the same time, the use of technology in the generation of oranges has been catching up. A & # 39; proportion of moving shops has been expanding in the last three years. In 2016, a & # 39; The first time outside the desk shops, and willing to buy online is also greatly expanded.

This group of orange generations is a going to Second Life, by buying annual online property insurance, preparing for travel dreams and pensions, and Try to seek self-determination through more appropriate financial planning. According to the Fubon Life Insurance data analysis, a proportion of online gold insurance for online purchasing generation over the age of 50 in 2018 has increased significantly, not only a & # 39; accounted for 30% of the total number of people with insurance, but also their contribution to prices. It is also 2.5 times larger than in 2017, which shows an increase in the orange economy.

Interactive average skin growth growth 67% active online insurance policy marketing activity

Taiwanese people enjoy sliding phones. Based on the survey, it is 3.1 hours per hour; Taiwanese people have to use mobile internet services, which are nearly one-sixth of the time; using mobile phones, with over 70% (72%) on mobile phones. It will be open to sales and export retailers, which also show online insurance use, according to the Fubon Life Insurance data survey, the number of people who are on sale. Watching the internet through increasing mobile devices, as well as marketing activities between Insurance and so on, they all put "network" to the core of policymakers, promoting the interaction of policy owners , the monthly weekly figure level was 67%, and b & # 39; The average general growth rate of a page is 135%.

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