Another Galaxy S10 tour features a screen and battery size leaks


Several other Samsung Galaxy S10s have decreased, this Ice Universe tour (suitable books)@ UniverseIce).

Among this time, a reduction includes a picture of three cases, including the size of the screen and battery capacity, as well as other information that publishes sound-sensitive information. Finally, Ice Universe also added a video to compare the S10 screen defender to a different phone screen.

Although previous reports showed us that we could go to # 39; Seeing as many as five different S10s, there are only three terms of sound from Ice Universe. The 5G models that previously needed a room are missing from the war.

Instead, the picture shows three changes, & # 39; maybe the lite & # 39; S10, the S10 consistent and the S10 +. According to the photograph, these tools have a 5.8-inch screen, 6.1-inches and 6.4 inches. Also, it is marked on the image that is similar to battery capacity, with its model & # 39; lite at 3,100mAh, the S10 regularly at 3,500mAh and a & 39; largest model of 4,000 mAh.

This is previously upsetting that S10 Lite would have 3,100 mAh products.

Ice Geography also used to use the Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 processor S10 Lite. It is a brilliant news for those who have been able to. The Galaxy S10 model prefers less, because it means they get the same performance as the other modules.

The tweet included a photo of a phone case. It is not clear if the case is for the S10 Lite or other phone. For me, it is similar to the case of S9, which adds to other facts that the S10 Lite would be the same as the S9; at present.

Comparing screen sizes

Finally, Ice Universe has provided a brief summary in which the leaker provides protection of S10 screen protection over other phones to compare screen sizes. The binary edges appear in the screen screener in the video, and # 39; recommends not for the S10 Lite.

However, the screen protector that responds to the Galaxy S8 is perfect. This includes that the screen defender is not for the S10 + either. It seems that we look at a S10 screen protector.

At the end, Samsung seems to have made a valuable showcase if the screen is being screened; recommendation of the S10 to respond formally over the S8. Distributed to its & # 39; first screen, which suggested that the S10 should be 6.1-inch screen, which displayed as advanced & # 39; it is. Both S9 and S8 have a 5.8-inch screen – it is very successful to print 6.1-inch display in the same group.

If these reductions are correct, the S10 line is one of the most exciting phone shows in 2019. I look forward to doing it, See more of the S10 when we come closer to release.

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