Another landlord will give Ingrid Steeger another chance


Landlord Ingrid Steeger wanted to fire the 70s crest logo for lack of hygiene from her home. Now he wants to give the erratic star, but he still has a chance.

The recent advent of Ingrid Steeger (71) was a dreadful experience by her fans. Because the erotic star had to fight with health problems and their alcoholic slavery. Particularly bad: dangerous homeless. Because the place is smelled very strongly with urine, dirt and dust, "the laird was putting her over, according to" Bild "with the conclusion of the caution.

But now there is a hopeful wisdom in the life of the actress. Management of the building is very friendly. If the site is cleaned quickly and quickly, Ingrid may stay in, "show her best friend, actor Terry Black of the newspaper. But this is far more complex than he is:" The whole floor must go out. The laminate is so dirty from dog and the master that you can't clean it clean. Also, a red lion Ingrids bed must go. In total, we need 4000 to 5000 euros. I do not yet know who should be paid. »

«Ingrid is now fully surveyed»

Steeger is currently under medical management at Munich Bogenhausen hospital. Before that, she fell into an interview. "Ingrid is now fully audited. Thursday was given a colonoscop. The doctors want to find out where the odd spells came," black is going on. The actress is said to be very strict, for years she has gone down. “Ingrid didn't take away so many women. And she realizes that she is no longer so professional in her work.

Her best friend is sure that something must change in their life: "She must get well, or she will not live to see her next day." But Steeger himself doesn't want to take it: "Unfortunately, she's not yet aware. She is about it. ((Klm)

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