Another scam on WhatsApp: the bad apps application that your photo has seen


About the BBC It is the target of taxpayers. Buyers are the order of the day and many who have a great deal. fall into their decorative plans. Now spread out a new scam, The which affects all the information in the smartphones.

It is about it "Profile Traker for WhatsApp", an application that prompts thousands of users You know who has seen your profit profile. How do you invite A message will be downloaded through the Google Play source and, when placed on the phones, View the random image, but choose random links from the victim's calendar.

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In this way, it will make sure what happened a special day. It is at that time that it starts to start; complete the advertising fire phone and that means a lot of money with each click. Being inside a phone, Start to capture content. As an alternative to returning the information, he wants to pay back. This is called an ransomware attack.

From the Avast cybersecurity company, they say: "The zombies' fake bids are in mobile security, they are so awesome that appear in the headphones, new fiction applications are the ones that already designed to eliminate each other, will continue to continue as the draft in 2019 is getting worse by the brilliant versions of apps that are popular with many who will make their trips in Google Play Store. "

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