another shipwreck leaves Honduras, that's what


Channel 5 truth showcase leaves the other Pole: this is the case

There is bad news for every spectator Island is the renowned name 14. The Polene poles published at their news conference, both of them. throw into the thread. The first one was Francesca Cipriani Last Sunday he left Honduras and gave even the witch to Marina La Rosa. As long as you are now & # 39; leaving the truth fair directed Alessia Marcuzzi he is Dìleas Otelma.

Isola dei Famosi 14: another blessing

Christina Farina explained that the first two were Polene They would have to come to Honduras in the second program and stay with the castaways for a week. During the third program, they had to go to; decide what they were living and what they would do go home, as long as another Polena will have a & # 39; land, who will stay with them until next week.

"This game will continue to vote / release / reach Polena until the sixth program, when it comes – through television – the home community will decide what to grow the Pole Return to the race as an official breakdown in every way. With this machine reach five Honduras pollen ",

This is a & # 39; First regulation by introducing their pollen. But it seems that this is all scattered.

Spoiler Island of the Famous 2019 of the fourth episode of the evening

So when the Polene disappeared Island is the renowned name 14, the will will also disappear Dìleas Otelma, to the official removal of the Magnolia authenticity license plaque as a result of the nine points in the lead due to the fall after receiving support from Francesca Cipriani.

In today's magazine, Alessia Marcuzzi takes a young brother, Belen, Jeremias Rodriguez and formerly a resident for People and Women, Soleil Stasi. In addition, Channel 5 spectators will see Yuri's style that he did with Sarah Altobello, the two named.

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