Another star found by Shine secretly


Знайдена ще одна зірка з загадковим блиском

In 2012, the clarity of this item was found to be reduced by 95%.

Scientists have found a new star, and its color changes in an unusual way. The most famous thing is "Star Tabby", which the scientists explained the different differences, to the astroengineering structures of the emigrants. The results are published on the preprints website on

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The Observatory Space "Kepler", designed to find exoplanets, found an unusual change in the light of the star KIC 8462852, known as "Star Tabby" – named after one of the spectators, Tabitha Boyajian. This star and hot Sun, but the most interesting thing because of its radiation changed secretly: disappeared and put it away without any rule. Scientists have suggested many reasons that could explain the truth, and include, for example, a & # 39; going on the surrounding battle, large cloud clouds and large herds of wood.

In the new work, the rhetoricians write about another star called VVV-W-07, and it is also clear that it has a strange range. Surveys have been carried out from 2010 to 2018, some of the changes in the gloss are not possible to show, however, 80% have a chance; falling down, although Star Tabby does not fall to 20%, but there are many luminaries.

Another star has a distinctive change – J1407, also known as "Object of Mamaduka" on behalf of the search engine Eric Mamajek. In 2012, it was found that the dimension of this item was reduced by 95%, but these changes could be detected to its seasonal pattern, explains the place of satellites of large or brown planes with several ring rings hundreds of times larger than Saturn.

A number of stars are found with unusual changes that suggest that they are very common. However, some scientists are confident that the VVV-W-07 and KIC 8462852. are very similar to it. Star Star has been very old and private, long-term and private activities should not be is VVV-W-07 young, and, therefore, great changes in clarity can be linked to internal processes. In addition, the VVV-W-07 line of vision is significantly larger than a loved one, which also makes a great melting in the world. The author of the new work that I hope is to take a long time to look at large telespops to get more detailed radiation information on her & subject.


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