Anthem, a video on the information you need before you start …


BioWare and Electronic Arts have released a new one video on & # 39; Anthem, unanimously uncomfortable for those who want to take part information basic to the game before you start your own journey.

The video guide "before you play" a & # 39; shows some of the game for those who may not have followed the updates that have been presented so far and have not been able to try the new soldier with RPG elements in the BioWare science fiction setting. So, let's explain it fighting system, on arms Combo and the rule of characters and gods javelin. Then the video will review the differences port classes Today, they are Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm alone skill In particular, fighting styles and roles within the team.

Finally, you can see a short explanation on it Fort Tarsis, management of equipment and the area Launch Bay. In a short time, it's a good idea; of the information that has been released in the months with BioWare and EA that is ideal for those who are scheduled to launch in Anthem, whose date is now closed, is scheduled for 22 February, but that is already available for those who subscribed to one of EA's correspondence. The information on the microtransactions that are present in Anthem has also emerged.

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