Anthem, excellent analysis and fighting, but almost everything


To be launched Anthem For EA / Origin Access writers, the network complements ideas about the game, which is a n "#; gives light to the key features and also its difficulties. Trying to give an account of what was written on forums and social media, the two strengths of the latest BioWare production appear to beexplored and i fight, both very beneficial, although the other aspects of the game are not much more successful, when they are not very busy.

Amongst the most criticized is the story, really empty and not very interesting, and the section of Fort Tarsis, that is where you will try and a & # 39; Talk to others, which seems to be more profitable than adding to & # 39; game. In short, Anthem had done well in action, but he lost a bit in all of the BioWare games, such as debating, reporting and so on, which would even be a bit -fillte, when it was not so attractive to be involved. It is also likely that Fort Tarsis is an uncertain place, a collection of houses with congestion that does not contain any vitality.

Before leaving, we will remind us that Anthem will be available for everyone on PC, Xbox One and PS4 starting from 22 February 2019.

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