"Anthem": Find all the information about the new game – Games before being released


MMO, World Open and post-apocalyptic situation: "Anthem" can connect different motions under one title. We will tell you how to do it and what to do to & # 39; game is so special.

At the earliest moment, the "Titanfall" soldier may be the "anthem" of the third-party copy. But the BioWare Games game must offer much more. Because this player is plugged into a completely new location, but it is very obvious that he should be given on the Xbox One, on the PlayStation or on a PC part of it. amazing games.

"Anthem" to be released? Before that the Open Demo came

Although an EA has repeatedly been making negative leaders sometimes with too much purchasing in a game and other types of taxes, it does not seem to have enough, Anthem community in advance. Instead, the game is ordered as there is nothing else. Not even "Tom Clancy Section 2" or "Far Cry New Dawn" can be maintained.

In the Javelin search game, a type of steroid reproduction, you should be able to make completely new experiences both in single and multi-player programs. But can BioWare developers maintain their commitments, or will the totally disadvantaged be completely new with the open situation? Before the date goes on 22 February 2019, you can now use the Open Demo and Beta to capture the game with the new courtroom sessor.

Thanks to the release of the "Demhem Open Demo", the advertising drummer of the new MMO new camera is running. Although you've already lost the beta – it only ranged from 01. to 04. February – you can still watch it because of many active gamers.

That is the MMO jeweler "Anthem"

With the demo, the players were thrown in the middle of their game. They can visit Fort Tarsis and fortifications, and Take turns in free play and test the features of two types of Javelin. In addition to the small things, the demo had three main features:

  • an openly designed open world
  • The locomotion in the flight course
  • and fascinating battles with amazing military weapons systems

Currently the search, the Electronic Arts is shown in the 2018 Game Awards course, let's hope for the amazing opportunities and an interesting story. So far, at least those hopes have not been disappointed. Even the ironwork is similar to the iron, with a man who moves in the phone; game and fighting, and & # 39; promoting the population rapidly.

What is an anthem preparation for you?

We already tell you in our article about the play activities in February that you can play the full version of the game through Origin Access before. But RPG's new BioWare activity develops the developer in three editions.

On the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 you can only choose the Level and Legion of Dawn editions.

Future pollution or future stomach

Its population was still only a & # 39; shows a small insight into the world and a story about the Loot MMOs that fought. But already the hype is so big that you are almost as opposed to the "Red Dead Redemption 2". "Destiny" or "Resident Evil 2", "The Division 2" and "Devil May Cry 5" do not appear to be able to keep up with their game presence.

However, this is less due to the fact that the players are seen in different types of livelihood, but to the link links that EA will have; used to move its game – which is similar to the publisher used as part of the "Battlefield 5" release. Through Twitter upgrades, the tank also released "Anthem" "Endgame" also with a search, complete the time to be released.

So everything has gone to & # 39; wait until the official campaign is moved into the game and stopping off at # 39; hang on Twitter builders and publications. Also, with the anticipated predictions, matches could be compared to "Apex Legends," "Crysis," or "Titanfall", so players in the BioWare games can get their own idea created by Electronic Arts.

Decision: Trying to learn

Most often "Anthems" is a taste issue. Although we lost the Open Demo, we are not so excited about the chariots in the Secrets and the Endgame secret, the "Destiny" and the other titles of the year. However, if you do not feel like EAS; Winter, you're welcome to watch the Top 2019. Games They also feature in the apocalypse mark.

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