Anthem, the test that was confirmed


We'll start to & # 39; make some judgments after twenty hours of play. Here is the Anthem that has been tested as long as our review is

The last attempt BioWare Ultimately on the market, even though it's just for publishers Origin Access Premiere on PC. A couple of years after the name, conversation Anthem ready to make sure you understand the software home path that is renowned for its role games. Despite the strong discouragement of the fans, and as a result of the feeling that the ideas did not return in recent weeks, the "Iron Man simulator" (as many defined by many), make sure you turn tightly a kind of beautiful so-called insignee in the last sun. a & # 39; review to arrive in the next few days but in the interim, as it often goes to; happening to us, we decided to go with this objective by a series of articles that are going to be. make a deeper understanding of our current experience. After twenty times in a world center, we can tell you that BioWare has succeeded in a very difficult thing: creating a host that is so welcoming as it is back from the perspective of the user.


We do not write much about Anthem's narrative arc, at least, before they moved to the end. For this, we will end our own to consider you what we have seen so far. Let's start from the basics: Anthem is based in in the future in which people live in relation to strong faith and faith religions, co-ordinates the level of science fiction technology. If you know the work of the people Guerrilla Software, Horizon: Zero Dawn, you will know what to expect. If the PlayStation 4 is unique, the amazing tools and ideas that arise from the main features; Anthem is trying to try the two-way road with mech. Cataclysms are disturbing their & # 39; balance and a row of groups (divided into division and work) are those who maintain the balance, even if they are hard to hit not only in the conversations. Our sink is changed as part of the experts, those who have been protected and protected after hard training Fort Tarsis (which is the main game of the game). Each of the specialists has the opportunity to use a robotic look, which is converted to real war devices.

Amongst thousands of conversations with supernatural creatures and bands of poor bands, our only goal is to ensure that they are survive on society and that the same town is still in existence; stand, notwithstanding the refusal in which it is; pour out. There is nothing too original on paper, but what the amazing things (and doing BioWare that breathe the air) care for which the statement is made. Every conversation about the game – and I trust, is as many as possible, but we talk about it in good time – the only reason to go to it; deepen backgrounds for speakers and the world in which we live. each spread is handled in detail and the degree of it papers and ideas for reading to find out history of Anthem's world, making it one of the most prestigious universities that can be seen in a wide range of videogames in recent years. We know what you're thinking about: what is the importance of this in such a title? The answer is simple, so bad: it is not quite useful for all the players who want to burn, but we can only thank the team to provide a more specific depth that is rare for a hunter co-operative based on loot research.


As mentioned in the foreword, Anthem lives two different: one is connected to the Gameplay clean and operational; The other thing is usually saying "user knowledge". Both units need to live in the title in this title and it is strange to be aware of how the interaction with their game is & # 39; fight against all sides. Hunting in Anthem is very happy. Make sure there are depths in the detailed or ballistic hunts, we still talk about arcade style only, but find yourself in the middle and use yourself Strale (English Javelin, the strategic buildings), which return amazingly. All the tasks are very similar, and the mechanics do not appear for origin, but what amazing things are in motion of movement that is spectacular. Each of the four classes of Strals (which we will learn in the next article after we will all know in depth) affecting some special things that completely play completely. If the Guardian is represented to & # 39; A very complex class, capable of achieving everything but not to be better in anything, Tempesta and Interceptor will put you into a completely different game. Although the first one is & # 39; represents a kind of magic, which establishes its full strength on its basic power and ability to be able to; travel for an unsuitable period; the second one gives you the chance to play in a more aggressive way, based on three assault and incredible personnel. It's just the most complicated stage classes and the fun and fun variations and a variety of games that play a lot; influencing landscape and significance in the same way, with a series of old maps (although they are too empty). The characters that are the Strals mark are equipment, including weapons and general bonuses, as well as special skills and benefits for each of the four classes. Notify the growth trees, or the choice of two distinct assignments as shown in Destiny.

The hymn will focus on the equipment, change their own skills (three, one of which ends) in objects that are recalled or created in the field, and then fitted into one of the slots available. a & # 39; missions to tell the truth that they do not shine for diversity, often go. reduce the detection of the pieces and eliminate different waves of enemies, but then the elements are common to the species and the activity should not be repeated to act; scare the players of this type of titles. Speaking of what is very obscure, it is a stubborn experience structure; out of action. The living option is to stay in the & # 39; A leading center with a first-sighted vision, we can also understand, from the BioWare perspective to start ourselves in the globe of the world created; but the mobility problem is and is not possible to access the different workstations simply to & # 39; going through the map, the least possible thing to do for a game like that. It is also true that there is a second place – the Zone-launch – which allows you to perform almost all tasks easier, but in a way that you do not use all the length of time & # 39; The campaign is, or you lose basic discussion and interaction to carry the story and complete the campaign. As this is not enough, in the Anthem, we have the same side of the game, which we have, going from two or two to open smithy for customization, upload up long to start a mission.

But this is just one of the elements of a game design full of unequivocal choices. The appearance of a game in the open world seems to have a teleporter, but also to choose a place to reach, something so central and automated, Strive to find one reason and justify it to be decided without it. Again, then move them so lightly and that the team leader is unable to change, or do a team; See on the map that the campaigns are going to; related to a specific player. And there is also a teleportation that is automatically activated as long as you are. play, as soon as a companion has a & # 39; reaching another half of the mission fairly enough with a new tied appraisal of two seconds. These are all the most difficult to be surrounded for a game that should be a major focus on the knowledge of diversity and moderate. We talk mainly to the solvable elements and can solve over time; This does not mean that there is no advice from someone who has been in & # 39; Blowing for years is definitely hurt the game. If Anthem has not been aware of this structural problem, today we would talk about amazing wonder, but so far they are unexpectedly unexpected. live on them. We do not talk about the size and quality of the content, the elements we are going to; Speak when we have a broad overview of the offer.

Great technology

You do not have to turn around, Anthem is really wonderful. Title of this type, in whole online, can be surprised at a technical level, and represent something that is rarely more rare. We do not allow us to say that the visual vision, the quality of the modules, the intermezzo lines, the front scenes and the animation of Anthem, is the most spectacular thing we have seen within the species. a & # 39; Frostbite It is reinforced as an amazing engine, capable of leading several elements on the screen and on elements that create almost everyone's dance. In order to believe everything about thinking about it audio department It's amazing that that's going on to colossal Hollywood. Moving to map is & # 39; The game is a fascinating experience of itself, and dubbed in Italy is also one of the most recent years. This obviously needs negotiation with a common weight that is not unfair. In our strong, GeForce GTX 1070 Intel configuration, Intel Core i7-7700 and 16 GB of RAM, we had no problem for playing the title with 1080p detail and resolution. Over 60 FPS occupies, but it is clear that the best places will need some adjustment to the options, to enable fluidity in all situations. But if you are among the technologically-equipped firearms during the weekend of the final demo, you know that you can sleep more safely, as the development The best to change from day to night, as well as air regulation, which is now simpler and simpler.

We are not at the beginning of our tour with Anthem and we have already said a lot. The next step will cause disturbance to deepen the classes and The first effect of the headers, some of which is the one that is; complained about content content already. What is important is that it is a Anthem title and is similar to every game of the kind, it will be take time to take the right way. It should ensure that all add-ons (which already start next month) have a free opportunity to make us at least optimistic. Today we are gentle, wanting to continue on our journey and we hope BioWare can welcome the ideas that we have, We have about these early hours to solve some degree of clarity that, by itself, the good work that has been made so far burial.


  • Fly is a great pleasure
  • The different classes are amazing
  • Technically it's really good …


  • … but there is a need for special level adjustments
  • The pre-faced user prejudice may have the entirety of the entire project
  • A restaurant is extremely uncomfortable

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