Anti-Ebola attempts in DR Congo are constrained among violence


A man in a defensive gear against Ebola at a medicine center in BeniPhotocopy

Health authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo have stopped attempting to keep the Ebola virus breach in the town of Beni because rebel attacks have taken place; growing.

Militia attacked just a "few meters" from an emergency center, said the country's health minister.

Workers of the World Health Organization (WHO) had to leave as a shell hit their building.

It is not clear when the intention could be restarted.

His / her health ministry contributed to her; The Anglican Uganda militant group that has been active since the 1990s has been blamed at the emergency center attack on the Associated Democratic Forces (ADF).

But it was not clear who launched the shell that hit the house where 16 WHO workers were living. He hit in a fire exchange, and could come from the militia, US peacekeepers or a Congolese army.

The members took fire down the stairs, before they moved Beni for another town.

Health officers in the department stopped vaccination and another two-month career after the attack of rebels in which 18 people died.

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Seven US peacekeepers and 12 Connolly troops were killed earlier this week in collaboration against the ADF.

The Ebola breach in the department has killed more than 200 people since August.

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