Anti-Pollution Initiatives Complaint about poorly charged Java Tax BPN: A & # 39; Something That's Suggested


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Pollution activists who are members of the Truck-Manufacturers Association (Indonesian) complain about the high tariffs for the Trans Java truck. According to the National Permanent National Group (BPN) Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno, such complaints appear to show something wrong with their policies.

"That's going to be something wrong. Maybe a structured policy is right, but the tariff policy is wrong, right," said BPN spokesman Andre Rosiade, 39; ask a reply on Saturday (9/2/2019).

Andre said the president's time of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) had actually built a structure. The politics of Gerindra reminded, in the construction of a priority infrastructure, that is to say; design objects that do not make an image.

"Infrastructure is important, the people need it. But everything needs to be planned, without image, so that the infrastructure is effective, just targeted, and so it can support the problem; economic growth, without supporting planning for the 2019 Presidential Election, "he said.

BPN spokesman for Economic Affairs said, M Kholid said that the kilometer price (km) in Indonesia is more expensive than the other ASEAN countries. Kholid explained that there are several reasons that Indonesia's tax tariffs are expensive.

"The accounts for tricky tolls are doubled to Rp 1.5-2 million each way. This is very difficult. With average tax levels reaching 1,300-1,500 / km Rp, we have the most expensive logistics costs compared to subscriptions of countries. Other, "he said

"I think this is a sign of the weak planning of a project. So it is not so careful to count the level of the product, estimation of growth from use and also associated with the diminution time. At this time, the average reduction is 35 years, so the target is more expensive, "he said.

According to Kholid, raw materials that have been imported can also be the cause of high tax charge. The PKS politician reminded that the government should not be cared for in the construction of infrastructure.

"It may be costly to make it expensive to think that raw materials and construction materials are injected to a large extent. When the rupiahs value USD, it will make more products brought more expensive.

Previously, Aptrindo complained about the transit of the Trans Java truck because he had doubled. According to the General Deputy Aptrindo Nofrisel, the position on operating costs on data data compared to Jalan Pantura.

"The thing we can compare so far, just about Rp 500,000 or Rp 600,000, can now be more than a 1 million Rp, which is very important," he said after meeting Co-ordination Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution, Jakarta, Wednesday (6/22).

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