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It is sent to & # 39; blamed the increase of anti-vaxxer's movement for the important revival of deadly global emission worldwide, giving emergency health warning from the World Health Organization (WHO) about the need for immediate action.

WHO, published by this month, received figures on the number of people who have influenced the measles in this year in 2018, anti-vaxxer anti-vaxxer messaging as a main driver behind a & # 39; hill.

"WHO encourages European countries to focus on their interventions to those places and organizations where there are still vaccine gaps," said the statement.

The "immunization gaps" describe European areas where the anti-vaxxer movement could be more common.

The report encouraged governments to "identify and address all sub-immunization pockets among the population".

According to the statement, the crusher killed 72 children and adults throughout Europe last year.

"The total number of people with a virus in 2018 was the tallest of this decade, and the total statement of times in 2017," said the statement.

Zsuzsanna Jakab's managing researcher said that "local levels of vaccine" are still "open doorways to the virus", and mentions movements that are involved in areas throughout the region.

"We can not achieve healthier numbers all over the world, if we do not work locally," said Dr Jakab.

"We need to do more and better to protect everyone from infections that can easily be avoided."


Her fatigue is fatal. appearing in other parts of the world too, with scientists largely affecting the spike to an increase of anti-vaxxer groups.

In Australia, the ACT recorded the third issue of the measles in the first two months of 2019.

AnCanberra Times says that a Canberra resident died with a disease, which lasted the disease overseas, through Canberra Airport on Sunday, February, 3, between 10am and 11m.

The NSW government has also given its ninth health attention to the measles in 2019 only.

It's coming after a person, who's a? traveling through Sydney's international airport, was a great testament for its very adventurous disease.

An Post Courier tells Queensland teenagers to get a vaccine secretly, Despite their desire from parents, to protect themselves from fatal diseases.

Queensland's legislation allows children over 15 to be protected.

Doctors who call a & # 39; This group of teenagers with a "Generation V" vaccine.

Queensland teenagers take business in their own hands.

Queensland teenagers take business in their own hands.


The Philippines were being hit off; at last year's fatty measles, with about 25 people killed, according to officers.

Unfortunately, children and children; Most of those killed by illness, with authorities expecting the tax to rise.

Figures from the national health authorities found that the number of casualties was 791 in 2017, to more than 5000 last year.

In January alone, there were over 1800 cases.

Filipino Health Subdivision, Eric Domingo, said the media last week that vaccination rates among the population had been declining over the last five years.

"In recent years, it was the case for the Dengvaxia vaccine to be inserted," he said, a & # 39; mentions a recent public immunization campaign that has made a huge contribution to the public after a manufactured producer has reported that he will bring bad effects.


Residents in Washington are currently suffering from a bankruptcy; worst squirrels in more than 20 years.

according to The Washington Post, at least 56 people across Washington and Oregon have contracted the deadly disease in the last month.

Health authorities have called a public health emergency, with experts predicting that there may be a " still started when he was young.

Signs posted at the Vancouver Clinic in Washington, warning warning; patients start to & # 39; measles.

Signs posted at the Vancouver Clinic in Washington, warning warning; patients start to & # 39; measles.

Seattle Child Hospital follower, Douglas J. Opel The Washington Post the "terrible" emergence, which influenced many young children, stressed the strongest anti-vaxxer movement in the US.

"At any time our vaccine has a safe and effective vaccine, he should raise a red banner," he said.

Despite the state that opposes this crisis, large anti-vaxxer groups have gathered outside the White House to challenge a bill that it would be harder for families to choose from. out of vaccine requirements for her & her; measles, pumps and rubella.

Anti-vaxxers keep signage in a campaign; this month in Washington.

Anti-vaxxers keep signage in a campaign; this month in Washington.


The anti-vaxxer movement has been so remote throughout the world in recent years, including large areas of Australia, that the WHO has distributed information packs, public and health professionals, on "how they deal with public vaccine advocates".

The information packs will explain words like vaccination is denied, The immunize a vaccine not members of move against her vaccine and will seek to explain how these organizations work to change common ideas.

"A vaccine means that there is not much evidence given and a" critical criticism of the scientific way, "the PMS application.

"Indeed, a vaccine can cause stimulating arguments."

According to the WHO, a frequent scientific vaccine is often rescued, distributed or divided; closing beliefs to avoid open conversations and avoid invasion scientists.

The packs say that the "move" with the anti-vaxxers is bound to be unsure as it's a n; recommends that it is a "powerful, co-ordinated, integrated, shared, shared," organization; immunization group.

"But, in most countries, vaccine defenders represent a small proportion of people with different reasons for not taking vaccines," said the organized.

"Certainly these banners do not represent moving".

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