Anton Kutev bomb shot: A 17 year old boy attacked a police in Sandanski, said Interior Interior … – BLITZ


A 17 year old boy was attacked by a police in Sandanski, the Interior Interior saying what steps he would do. This was nominated by Deputy BSP Speaker for Anton Kutev's Bulletin of information in the National Assembly, reporting on the FOCUS News Agency.

"We received a signal from the Alliance for the Protection of Children's Rights, four young people on Friday afternoon – between 13 and 17 year olds in Sandanski who fought with someone else with car. But as a result of this disaster, the person who gets these children turns out as a civil police who does not work at this time. Then three police cars came and beat one of the children, "said Kutev, saying that the child was very spectacular, but he did not fight.

"Whatever this child could do, could be arrested and tried or taken other steps. There are 20 unusual wounds. Children who have videos of a part of what's happening say that the A 17-year-old boy first faces in front of them and then hits in the area. I want to ask what a 17-year-old young person needs to hit with more than five police officers. Does this type of take-up mean? I think it's police officers, but I do not think it's the same thing.

So, the media to ask a question about the current information about the Interior Ministry about the steps that will be taken and I will pass all my documents, "said Kutev.


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