AnTuTu has evaluated a generalized test of satellite phone performance learning in smart intelligence (AI) phones. We do not talk about a final version at this time, so the test is not available in the app store, but those with an apk interest can go through this connection.

IH Review is divided into two sections:

  • classify images (which use the Inception v3 network and analyze more than 200 images);
  • Recognize your theme (which uses SSN MobileNet's strange network and analyzing things in a 600-frame video).

With this test, AnTuTu wants to bring these smartphones with AI useful and show users what device it is; is well-equipped with AI technology and who uses this machine for marketing campaigns.

The AI ​​Review will use the SDK provided by smartphones, and phones with non-direct neutral matrix are poorer. Interestingly, tools that use hard-to-face with the same AI processes will have the same results (for example, Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 and Snapdragon 845 are very close to value as they use Hexagon 685 DSP ).


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