Apex Legends gives a beautiful reference to your Overwatch


Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment, is a royal battalion, but elements of other games, such as characters with special abilities. It's not Overwatch the first one that will give different heroes to the classroom division, but one of the games is with the # 39; This species is the most successful today, and the Titanfall producer's point has included a brief description of the Blizzard soldier.

The Pathfinder robot, from Apex Legends, is similar to visual scenes by the Owl Bastion, from Overwatch. Thinking about, Respawn created a banner for a & # 39; Attacking Pathfinder, where false data can expand to & # 39; arm – just like a bastion – a bird waiting. But instead of simply Chanymede, he will get the aggressive bird who attacks him. Check (through Kotaku):

A pathway path stands up, through Kotaku

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Pathfinder activity, however, may also have a replication of the Bloodhound setting, which also extends to its location; arm (but the bird has not attacked).

Apex Legends is available free of charge to PS4, Xbox One and PC. To find out more about the batal royale game, look at our full report that explains its # 39; game. You can also look at some of the tips we have prepared for Apex Legends players. If you want to activate the activity, see 14 minutes of gameplay.

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