Apex Legends has taken over 355,000 cheaters


When a game has succeeded in capturing more than 50 million players in five weeks, it does not say that some of them are not as pleasing as the law. Although Respawn has been aiming to make the game to some degree and to get rid of the number of downloads it has been Apex Legends over the last few weeks.

The studio has been able to publish and prohibit more than 355,000 users in Apex Legends since its launch. They only distribute this to make sure they have taken it, but also to warn other people who are thinking of making the fight fairer. Today, they are working on employing more people in their security department, and are working hard to introduce a system of forecasting to almost all the public. bast. It is not just afraid of how it needs to improve the anti-hatchet system, of course, to make it easier to avoid, so just going over the branches for Respawn to make sure there is a one before the future cheats.

Have you met some cheaters in Apex Legends? It's not just making complaints without a foundation after you have had your first place;

Apex Legends

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