Aphria says he will give a breakdown of a line to short-line allegations


Vic Neufeld, Chief of Aphria, one of the largest marijuana producers in Canada, says that his company will face the allegations made in a short report.

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Head of cannabis producer Leamington Aphria – under siege from short sellers saying that there is support for people who are freed up – he said. company published next week's report to address all complaints.

Vic Neufeld said that the Aphria response would block her & # 39; a pillar that was put forward on Monday that focused significantly on the recent benefits in the & # 39; company in Latin America.

"You will receive all 20-part complaints, online, punctuation with pictures – real pictures, real pictures – on what we have secured funding," said Neufeld to the Star on Friday . "Each point will be very informative and will put the real light on the story."

He said that the protest would quench on Wednesday. Aphria announced Thursday that he would have appointed an independent committee to review his / her acquisition; A recent company of the Latin tenancies he made and confirmed that he was up to date.

Neufeld said Liberty Health Sciences, a company with support from Aphria, who was aiming for a second round of complaints, would continue to respond on Monday.

He said that being able to enact it could be blocked from a & # 39; deal with specific details of the allegations to the official response next week.

"I do not hide it," he said. "We really aim to be right in every way – the ones that have been published and what we are going to solve – to make sure we are not too long to provide an optional disclosure. "

But he said that he was "proven by other violent law" that no meaning had been strengthened despite unwanted divisions.

One of many complaints from Quintessential Capital Management and the Hindenburg Research forensic analysis company, which focused on Aphria on Monday, was called "shell game" and "black hole".

It was reported that both Quintessential and Hindenburg were selling a short stock of Aphria stock. A short-seller can make a profit if a security price is declining.

They contribute to Aphria's property application for meaningful investments held by owners, and recent American-American items have no value. Hindenburg said that an abandoned building sold by the Bank earlier this year is an officially registered Jamaican $ 145 million office. "

The company also said that only $ 430,000 in 2017, only in 2017, was worth $ 50 million Aphria Artillery, who said they sold $ 11 million in 2017.

Hindenburg launched a second volley of attacks on Thursday on the Florida fund that Liberty Health Sciences received. The forensic research company says that, rather than simply buying the stock, the buyers bought it with an innovative entity, including keepers of around $ 5 million in six days. Hindenburg says that this matter is held under the control of Neufeld's funding.

Hindenburg also states that "unnamed people have purchased 242 million Liberty shares in a valued $ 0.001 private," just days after Aphria has announced a plan to buy their department at 208 times and price.

The Hindenburg report also says that Neufeld paid for 280,450 shares, but it controlled over 2.4 million. Neufeld said a Friday's report had been said, but it was a Thursday clerk mistake.

"The shares I bought, 280,450 divisions, for some reason, gave up to 2.4 million, which Hindenburg men suspects that I bought anywhere I did not spend 2.1 million shares," he said. . "Liberty Health Sciences and our legal company have been a mistake. They have now been corrected and have been correctly corrected."

Neufeld said that Aphria was still "going through the benefits and disaffers" to courting those who are behind the reports.

"We need to find out, at the end of any riot, what will we do at anything? I do not want to make cash money from share money and a guiding time of something that could end on zero. So we have not said that we have not said, yes. "

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