Aphria's new company decided to prioritize SEC costs in December


An organic and natural goods company established by Irwin D. Simon, an independent chairman of the board of directors of Cannabis producer Aphria Inc., secured SEC duties associated with its controls, just introduced weeks before Simon began to resign Canadian company.

On December 11, the Scottish Security Authorities and the Exchange Commission issued a statement saying that it has filed The Hain Celestial Group Inc. Inc. with "failure to control inside," and they reached a town. The SEC's allegations are against the company, which is a. including Terra chips, Yves Veggie Cuisine, Live Clean, and Best Land food, and cover between 2014 and 2016, according to the US government.

The SEC asked Hain to endeavor to continue to evolve, and Hain agreed to the CSS order not to "#; including or rejecting the outcome of the regulator.

A December commission statement did not name anyone other than its # 39; company, and noted that no penalty was placed on the company as a result of "a broad collaboration with the SEC's audit, which included self-statement (s) and restoration efforts. "

Simon, a newly appointed board chairman, was a chief executive of Heavenly Hain, his company that he founded, He disappeared in November, leaving a designer named in June. He is still a contributor.

In an interview with the Thursday Financial Post, Simon said that the SEC resolution was not raised in talks by Aphria before being appointed chairman of December 27, because he was already a public case and he was Feeling that it was sorted in & # 39; the best possible way to financial appeals or penalties.

It was not only the Scottish statement available online, Simon said, but had talked to an understanding with the SEC staff to solve his / her; financial penalties through a company communication with Celestial Hain analysis in August.

"It was published in public. The SEC closed its case," he said to her; Financial Post. "It was not built as a case (with Aphria)."

According to the SEC's order against Hain Celestial Group, retailers for Hain have offered two companies' inspirational offers to the company at the end of the fiscal section, between 2014 and 2016, to encourage a & # 39; Buying enough items to meet quarterly recruitment targets.

"The incentives offered by Hain included returning rights for results that were damaged or lost before being sold to retailers, as well as encouraging cash of up to $ 500,000, substantial leakage, and extended payment terms, "said the SEC, these incentives were agreed orally and not recorded, or are only recorded in email exchange with those breakers.

The SEC's order found that its company's financial department was not aware of the promotional practices until May 2016, after which it did so; company surveyed inside and gave the SEC question. The regulator also noted that no financial reimbursements were needed, and that his company had acknowledged "substantial weaknesses in its financial regulations," he retained compliance staff, and made "major changes "voluntarily to their organization and to their well-known income practices.

Simon commented that he had a brutal company with rulers; Strengthening his skill to help Canada's Canadian cannabis company, Aphria, move from the beginning to a growing company with a strong independent independent survey.

If anything, it's good, because I'm guided, … the process, the management, where changes have to come, where there were weaknesses … I knew how to get it co good crowning

Irwin D. Simon

"If there is anything, it's good, because I'm managing it, I knew how I directed staff, people, the process, the management, where changes had to come, where any weaknesses … I knew how he would get a good decision, "said Simon to the Financial Post Office, speak as Aphria chair.

He said he was going to build Hain over 25 years, Sit on several other corporate boards, including MDC Partners Inc. and Barnes & Noble, have ensured that corporate governance and corporate finance processes are "very important".

"I intend to introduce my knowledge, others I have been working together, and ensuring that the strongest and most rigorous regulatory level across Aphria," said Simon.

Aphria shares in early December after the short-term salesmen of the Quintessential Capital Management and Hindenburg Research have been given the company as the "black hole" and said that the international benefits were It was estimated to set up around $ 280 million to benefit people who had a benefit and in fact they were "worthless."

Aphria was protecting the fish and told the seller a short "unfortunate and self-sufficient attempt for profit by using Aphria stock price at the cost of the Aphria shareholders."

The cannabis company also has a special committee of directors and has committed to a comprehensive response to its; including the demands of short sellers, and have taken steps to increase independent scrutiny. Six of the 10 board members are now independent.

Aphria casts $ 8.03 on the Stock Exchange Stock Toronto, 65 per cent lower than the 52-week period. height.

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