App of the Year App applied to the Apple App Store 2018


The development of digital telephone technology is one of the most important, and the most important thing is that there are a large number of applications to help, or unfortunately, hard-working is even more powerful. In the last December of 2018, Apple also added the largest logo of their year, the App Store 2018, which incorporates Apple's innovations in a number of artwork within years and incorporating them to make life better and more fun. The following is a public list of all who see if you've been using it all the time.

Annual statistical list:

IPhone App for most of the year: ProCreate Pocket
Any level of users can draw pictures, sketches and drawings to create ideas.

IPhone of the Best Year Game: "Donut County"
This great indie game makes the destruction much more meaningful.

Best iPad App of the Year: "Froggipedia"
Using true AR technology, the base of the biological hall is vibrant and fascinating.

Best iPad of the Year: "Gorogoa"
The good story book contains complex puzzles, and the gameplay is so interesting to it; plot.

Feasgar na Bliadhna Mac App: Pixelmator Pro
Provides a wide range of professional level image editing devices, a person can easily start.

Best Mac of the Year: The International Gardens
Puzzle games can also be completed by fact.

Apple App App Best of the Year App: "Sweat"
Help women all over the world; achieving their corporate goals, even if they work.

Apple Apple's Best Year Games: Otto Odyssey
The sandy sandy sandy ride is especially the 4K TV screen.

Annual movement:

Treud of the Year Game: Survival Competition

Third Annual Acts: Caring for yourself

General apps and game games of the year:

App of the Year App applied to the Apple App Store 2018

Pressure (Millibars)

App of the Year App applied to the Apple App Store 2018

I believe that many of the submissions above are & # 39; relate to clothing, food and housing all, and have an important role in life. If you have not done it, you may want to spend time to download the knowledge after the release of the list. At the same time, Apple HomePod has also confirmed that it is officially landed in China early in 2019. If you are interested in understanding it, you may want to click on it.

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