Apparently, the one who was staying at her & # 39; banned 8-hour schedule


After 8 hours of work in Pakistan, her wife was taken out and was sent home and went to another hospital. She was learned that the woman was expelled during the surgery.


The crime of the team crime in Pakistan was the agenda of the country. The woman, who was released on the same day after her 8-hour work as a result of her illness, was sent to her home. A female patient who came to the house was a very passionate feeling in her gunguns and was taken to another hospital with her sister when she was pregnant. blood on the urethra. It was acknowledged that the person who was convicted in the hospital was convicted.


Ali Waseen Nasir in the Pakistani police said the medical examination was going on and the emergency samples were sent to a violent medical center. The Pakistani Health Ministry reported that they have appointed three auditors to investigate the case.


The surgeon said the woman was raptured and there was no evidence that she had been enforced in the investigation and that the purpose of her misconception was made. Case study is a & # 39; going on.

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