Appeal to Director Ha Hai-Thai Nguyen Expressway


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An accident scene between Innova cars and motor cars on Hanoi's Hanoi – Thai Nguyen route. Picture:

About this case, after the end of the # 39; The first time and advocacy tests, the views of the people are very worried, the media, newspapers, television and social networks have a lot of ideas that reflect their ideas. to the case. The Sheriff of People's Court has also obtained documents from National Assembly agencies seeking detailed investigation of the case.

So, on November 12, in Hanoi, the Head of Justice was at # 39; Nguyen Hoa Binh's Attorney General's Court is the leader of the consultation meeting of experts and agents from accident groups.

Ngo Van Son (born in 1978, in Trung Nghia commune, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province) moves Toyota Innova sea control 99A-142.53 a & # 39; 10 passengers transported from Bac Ninh to Thai Nguyen City (Thai Nguyen province) for marriage.

About 15 hours 30 minutes on the same day, when he walked by leaving the road in a & # 39; the inter-commercial town of Yen Binh (Pho Yen town, Thai Nguyen province), followed Mac to ask the road. At that time, Mac turned to the right on the right, to drive his / her; car on the right of the road to a child to proceed as a result of a car illness.

After that, Mac went back to Thai Nguyen – Ha Noi wanted to end Yen Dinh, the car took control of her sea 89C – 079.17 a & # 39; a smuggling 89R-004.65 owned by Le Ngoc Hoang (the other name is Vu Van Hoang, born in 1985, in the Thang Long company, Dong Hung area, Thai Binh).

The accident killed four and six others were injured. Ngo Van Son was prosecuted that they carried more people than they were ordered, and Road traffic breach on Road Traffic when parking cars, back on the road.

On 9/5/2018, the Pole Yen (Thai Nguyen) court opened a lawsuit of the first place that opposed Ngo Van Son and Le Ngoc Hoang on the crime "Avoiding rules on the control of the Ministry of road vehicles" under Schedule 3, Article 202 of the 1999 Criminal Code. At its first instance, Ngo Van Son was convicted of 10 minutes, convicted of 10 year in prison, Le Ngoc Hoang was convicted to 8 years' imprisonment for "Control of road traffic."

A compensation duty, the total compensation for the victim and victim's household is over 1.4 billion. In particular, the legacy of Ngo Van Mac reserves a sum of almost 940 million, a 469 million compensation Le Ngoc Hoang.

The court is a & n; confirm that the marine tractor is 98C – 079.17, controlled by Hieu Thao Delegation Limited Limited controlled by a controller of 89R-004.85, so the company must be accountable. Instead of Huang driver.

After their first test, two defendants and family representatives from the same victims sent the application. The trial court held on 1 November, the Thai Nguyen court court appealed people to the first place, reducing the sentence for defender Ngo Van Son (driver of 40 years Innova) from 10 year in prison. 9 years imprisonment. Le Ngoc Hoang (33 years old, truck driver truck) from 8 years imprisoned to 6 years of imprisonment for "blocking traffic traffic driving" .

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